Possible cure of HIV appears to be in sight, though distant.

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Scientists in the United States working on an AIDS drug have said they have found important clues about how HIV "camouflages" to prevent the immune system from completely eliminating it from the body of the HIV-positive after suppressing it in the bloodstream by drugs that make up the cocktail.

HIV positive children displaying the loop fight against AIDS
Children showing red bow, symbol of fight against AIDS a campaign to raise awareness of the problem of HIV/ AIDS to mark World AIDS Day in Kolkata December 1, 2014. The world has finally reached the beginning of the end of pandemic AIDS that has infected and murdered millions in the last 30 years, according to a leading campaign group fighting against HIV UN data show that in 2013, 35 million people were living with HIV, 2,1 million people were newly infected with the virus and about 1,5 million people died from AIDS complications. Undoubtedly, it has been Africa and sub-Saharan Africa that have suffered most from HIV and AIDS. Photo: REUTERS Rupak De Costa, Moraes.

The sleeping virus, and mutates to escape detection by the immune system, has been the enigma in the quest for AIDS cure.

Now, the good news is that, thanks to laboratory experiments on the immune system, we are finding a way to track the virus and eradicate it, enthuses Robert Siliano.

The research, published in the journal Nature, described as kick-and-kill, was the pivot of research in the ambitious campaign of this 33 years war on AIDS.

HIV, which causes AIDS, is hidden in the cells CD4 TAlso known as "memory cells", one of the components of the immune system after infection by antiretroviral be reversed, is the conclusion of the study.

Noting that, once the therapy is stopped, the virus recovers. The study said the focus of therapy capable of expelling the virus with powerful drugs and eliminate it, so that HIV was "forced" to leave their hiding place and returned to circulate in the bloodstream.

Whereas 40 million lives were lost in the last three decades, with 78 million people infected with HIV (Translator's note: This data is the author of the text), Any advance is a big jump in curing diseases like AIDS.

The study

During the study, the team analyzed the blood of HIV-positive people 25, distributed so that 15 them initiated antiretroviral therapy soon as they were diagnosed, and another ten in the infection spread and became chronic.

Those who were quickly initiated therapy managed to stop the reproduction of the virus and not allow its mutations.

On the other hand, those who received antiretrovirals later "allowed" that HIV suffer numerous mutations, forming a "community" with various strains, generating whatElectrophysiological setup to record neurons in brain samples call "escape mutations" that were undetectable to the "immune sentinels".

Realizing that shortly after stopping antiretroviral medication the virus “counterattacked” and reacted to the patients in question, the study focused on “Kick-and-kill” therapy. to "kick" the virus with potent drugs and eliminate it as soon as the virus is "forced out of infected cells".

Whereas due forty million (Estimates) were lost because of AIDS and given a universe estimated at around thirty million people are HIV-positive or living with AIDS (translator's note: these figures are the result of estimates of the author of this study) in whichAny step forward, however small it may seem, is a big jump!

Solution in sight for Positives

Golden key and puzzle pieces - 3d render illustrationThe aim of the research is to move towards a possible solution to the central problem of eliminating HIV definitively from the body of these people, said the chief scientist. Our findings suggest that if we can get HIV out of its hiding place, we will have won half the battle, said Robert Siliciano, a professor of molecular biology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Maryland.

Found "latent virus pools" that carry mutations that make the HIV virtually invisible to the cells of the human immune system.

But we are almost sure to disarm it, even when the virus comes out of hiding and evades detection of the immune system, Siliano concluded.

In their research, scientists exposed uninfected immune cells without the virus; some were exposed to HIV which mutated, while others were exposed to the conserved virus, or, as scientists say, "wild." Those who were not exposed to the virus retained eliminated 61 percent dinfected cells. But those with the immune system mutant HIV-infected cells responded poorly, deleting only 23 percent of infected cells, a bad result.

"It's like the imunitlógico system had lost its ability to detect and destroy the virus; however, CD4 Killer T cells are still able to recognize a different part of the virus, a part that does not suffer mutations in the HIV protein, awakening a natural immune response, Siliciano said in a press release.

Sharon Lewin, director of Infection and Immunity Institute in Doherty, Australia, proved to be excited about the findings and implications of this study.

The study highlighted the need for an additional boost to the immune system to clear the virus from the body expelled from the reservoirNoted scholar.

Research continues in the search for solutions.

Translated by CSS from Original Cure For AIDS In Sight As Scientists Zero In On Methods To Neutralise Drug Evading HIV

el guapoNote from the editor of Seropositive Web Site: Note that the best result eliminated only a little more than 60% of cells infected by non-mutant HIV and this definitely does not represent AIDS cure; just a hope for the future. It will still take years of research to find a solution (or pooled solutions) that completely eliminates HIV from the infected host, and that the experience reported here was a made with clinical laboratory controland there is no prospect of this for this procedure before the end of this decade or later, e the condom is still the best option when it comes to HIV prevention.

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