More violent new strain of HIV is found on a large scale in Cuba

Digital illustration of DNA in color backgroundThe new strain of the virus was named CRF19. It is a combination of subtypes A, D and G.

Researchers studying patients in Cuba discovered an aggressive form of HIV that may progress to AIDS in just three years. The observation was made by an international team at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

The average untreated HIV infection leads to 5 10 years to progress to AIDS.

A rapid progression of HIV to AIDS leads, as a result, a weakened immune system of the patient, rather than the particular HIV subtype involved in this study, according to Professor Anne-Mieke Vandamme.

The new strain was named CRF19. It results from a combination of subtypes A, D and G.

When a person contracts HIV, the virus attaches to human cells CD4 CCR5 with the help of so-called receptor protein. He has to change to another receptor, called CXCR4 before progressing to AIDS. The mutation process is difficult and time consuming.

People with New strain of HIV has a higher concentration of the virus and RANTES molecule, which is a defense molecule in the body and is released when a person is infected with HIV. AIDS is still a global pandemicThis molecule is normally bound to CCR5. So the more RANTES molecules are released, more CCR5 molecules are made. As a result, HIV is forced to be bound by CXCR4, causing a more rapid progression to AIDS.

Despite this recombinant HIV answer most of antiretroviral drugs, people may not realize HIV infection until it is too late for any therapy.

According to scientists, this strain of HIV has been seen often in Africa, but there were no patients in a number that could allow large-scale study.

In Cuba, the virus is widespread and thus can be thoroughly studied.

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