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Scientist working in a laboratoryStarting antiretroviral (ARV) therapy against HIV in 12 until months after the estimated date of seroconversion (SDS) increases the likelihood of immune reconstitution. Publishing their findings in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers conducted a study of 1.119 people living with HIV who had documented the estimated date of seroconversion (EDS) and which achieved a viral load completely suppressed by ARV treatment.

The researchers compared the participants with a population of HIV-negative people, with a median score of CD4 in about 900.

Among the HIV-positive group, those who began taking antiretrovirals in combination therapy (known in Brazil as cocktail) within one year from the EDS reached a normal level of CD4 in 38,4% of cases, compared with 28,3% those who started the same therapy after a year or more of EDS.

The researchers found three tiered levels of recovery CD4 count - if the count was not more than 500, settled between 500 and 899, reaching at least 900 - correlated in the same stratified the risk of HIV infection progress to AIDS, and most likely reversal of immune activation markers without the ability to dysfunction of immune responses comparable to normal levels ie, the levels of the markers are found in HIV-negative individuals.

The participants who started the study with more than 500 CD4 were twice as likely to achieve normal levels of CD4 and four times more likely to regain a normal immune response when they started antiretroviral therapy eat CD4 counts above 500. Moreover, those who began the study and treatment with the cocktail with CD4s above 500 12 months or more after SDS were 80 percent less likely to reach normal levels CD4 well as normal immune responses.

Those who started with therapy in up to 12 months of EDS had a risk of HIV infection progress to AIDS in 7,8%, compared with 15,3% among those who started treatment after 12 months. To reduce the risks of T cell activation and responsiveness to hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) were 12 15,6% vs vs 67,9 and 50,9%.

To read the study, click here. (Opens in another tab or window. The text is in English).

CSS translation of the original English translation at http://www.aidsmeds.com/articles/immune_reconstitution_1667_26675.shtml

el guapoNote from the Editor of HIV-Positive Web Site: If you have observed well the results of this study, you should have realized that starting treatment within 12 months of the conversion punch (which is nothing more than the time when HIV antibodies become visible in specific exams for this - immunological window -) the chances of your HIV infection progressing to AIDS decreases noticeably. However, for this to happen, you should take the exam right after you have passed through the risky situation where you believe you have the possibility of contracting HIV.

You need to lose this fear. AIDS is no longer a death sentence. It is a serious infection that needs treatment with draconian discipline and changing habits, how to stop smoking, drink less, ever have sex with a condom ... If you believe you may suffer discrimination within your family, do not tell them; or do not tell anyone. People do not talk about their diseases who dispatches weather reports, every two hours ...

In truth, ignore a problem is not the best way to solve it and, in fact, is to give the disease the opportunity to evolve and one day you will have to face it head on, if you want to live ...

Would not it be better to start early and do, as my father would say, "nip it in the bud"?

Well ... what's up? Are you going to take the exam? If you want to do it, I'll lend you a hand: Follow this link or this http://www.aids.gov.br/pagina/servicos-de-saude

Go on, time goes by so fast!

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