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Health Services in Rio de Janeiro - Content provided by Gilzax freire

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  2. CTA / SAE - Niterói Description of CTA services Performs laboratory tests of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C Hepatitis B office hours: morning Telephone: (21) 2711 2366 extension 216 Services description Performs laboratory testing of hepatitis B He / she performs laboratory test of hepatitis C Performs laboratory test of VIH Performs laboratory test of syphilis Address: Praça Vital Brasil, S / N - Vital Brasil State: Rio de Janeiro City: Niterói CEP: 24230340 Tags: Testing and Counseling Center, of hepatitis B, performs laboratory test of hepatitis C, performs laboratory test of HIV, performs laboratory test of syphilis, service of specialized assistance in HIV / AIDS
    1. my way of giving affection and share information, be surprised, many healthcare not know guide.
    2. CTA / SAE - São Gonçalo - Medical Attendant - PAM Neves At the same address, the Testing and Counseling Center (CTA) and the Specialized Assistance Service (SAE) operate. Description of CTA services: Carry out HIV and syphilis laboratory tests Perform HIV rapid test Health care hours: morning and afternoon Phone: (21) 2624 5756 E-mail: Description of services Perform laboratory test of HIV Perform laboratory test of syphilis Perform rapid test of HIV Address: Rua Prof. João Pereira Dias s / nº - Neves State: Rio de Janeiro City: São Gonçalo ZIP Code: 24425004 Tags: Testing and Counseling Center, Perform HIV laboratory test, Perform syphilis laboratory test, Perform HIV rapid test, in HIV / AIDS ...
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