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You can enjoy anything, but with a condom!
You can enjoy anything, but with condom!

Os Condoms they are the only contraceptives that help prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because they put a barrier between the penis and the vagina, anus or mouth. There are different types of men and women.

You put them on before you fuck and to increase their effectiveness, you need to use them with a spermicide (a cream or foam that kills the sperm).

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Condoms are effective, but not infallible. For men, they have a contraceptive failure rate around 15%. Condoms for women have a contraceptive failure rate in the household of 20%. If the condom bursts into a trance, you should consider using emergency contraceptives, and take the STD test, and look for a hospital facility that is able to perform PPE (if you are reading this text because you went through an experiment where you believe which may have been contaminated, you should consider clicking this link, especially if less than 72 hours of risk ratio of any nature). Autyo00Anor

The male condom is a thin tube made of latex that is unrolled over the erect penis. Your condom is more comfortable and less likely to break if you also use a water-based lubricant because it reduces friction (oil-based lubricants can weaken the condom). Depending on where you live, condoms are generally available at drugstores, supermarkets, vending machines or free distribution, and at health clinics where they are distributed free of charge. feel ashamed to remove it from the public network or the commercial network. Are you taking care of your life and your health and no one has anything to do with it).

Condoms designed for women, female condoms, are like a pouch, open at one end, with an inner ring at the closed end that is inserted into the vagina and a larger open ring that sits outside the vagina. The female condom fits any woman of any age and is very easy to insert and remove it without any sensation of pain.

Never give up the condom
Never give up the condom

You can put it on hours before sex and use it during your menstrual period with no problem. You cannot use it twice and you should not use it when your partner is also using a condom. Female condoms are generally available from public pharmacies and health clinics or from non-governmental organizations working on the issue. HIV/AIDS.

Sometimes people confuse condom use with trust issues using placements such as the following:

"You know I'm not meeting anyone, so why use a condom?" Or, "Can not you see I'm okay? I trust you, why do not you trust me? "

Keep in mind that everyone has a life history and a history of sex life and not all sexually transmitted diseases present symptoms immediately; HIV infection

Like a hotter sex, fine. But do not give up condom
Like a "hot sex" sex is cool, fine. But do not give up the condom. The STD handcuffs are not made of silk or have a safety device in case you lose the key

or syphilis can be present in a person without even knowing that they are infected and if you enter the trust game, you will contract an STD, such as an HPV infection, which causes, in symptomatic phases, genital warts and in asymptomatic stages as well is transmissible and can, if you are a woman, cause cancer of the cervix, one of the diseases that most kill women in Brazil; or, if you are a man, can cause cancer of the penis which often unfortunately leads to amputation of the penis before the disease spreads throughout the body ...

And then, do you think that not using condoms is something with no serious consequences?

Think about it! Having sex with someone else without the use of a condom can have very serious consequences, because even you can contract a Sexually Transmitted Disease and not have realized it - STDs do not always have obvious symptoms ... - Some STDs can cause serious problems for your health In the long run - Using condoms on a condom with a condom is, in fact. a matter of preservation of your health and of your partner; as well as prevent an unwanted pregnancy. It is not a question of "trust"; and security.

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Translated by Claudio Souza

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