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Cuban flagWith Oliver Happy information we were alerted to the fact it originated in Cuba, reports the BBC Brazil, a more virulent strain of HIV, which can take only three years to bring the patient to the stage of the disease known as AIDS. HIV hitherto known took eight to fifteen no's to progress to AIDS itself and, since the application of combination therapy, popularly known as a "cocktail", progression to AIDS was literally braking.

According to the newspaper, experts health Cuba detected a few years something different and unusual in patients with the HIV virus in the country: they developed AIDS an extraordinarily fast.

So fast, in less than three years, found it very sick, almost without time to realize that they had HIV.

Scientists from other parts of the world as to Cuba and have confirmed that this strain "more aggressive" said

"Knowing that 144 patients have this strain of the virus, but surely there are more people. This is only what we can tell, "as reports the BBC Anne Mieke Vandamme virologist at the University Leuven, Belgium.

Vandamme, whose work was published in the journal EBioMedicine, explained to the BBC that it is a strain of the virus that was originally discovered in Africa.

"She ended up in Cuba through the Cuban relations with Africa. Although we have no knowledge that the strain has spread to Africa, it has been disseminated in Cuba, "he added.

Is no reason or cause for panic and yet must be stepped up in Cuba and the world the practice of safe sex and the intensification of harm reduction among users of injectable drugs,Wasted also known as IDUs and, in fact, as does the editor of this site, that the Church and its representatives, the fair since it does not add anything to mitigate this evil that calls into question the continuity of the human species on the planet Terra.Figuras as Malafaia, Feliciano and other "fanatics" (for money) must diamonds their distant prey HIV AIDS issue, and preferably desvestirem is "morality cover" with that dress, they say, for the well being of their herds (sic ).

HIV infection is a serious thing and it is seen that preaching abstinence as a precautionary means is basically nil; note that there is on the site a research (without scientific basis, I admit, in which just under two percent of the population said they have opted for a sexless life.


On the other hand, things like Bareback and even more outrageous self-titled "vitamin-enriched" only tend to increase the number of cases, especially among young gay men, where the number of new diagnoses have come to the alarming level.

Anyway, dear reader, keep in mind that you should use your condom, with the right person and please leave the practice of sex in dark rooms and theaters of cities of more than 500.000 Inhabitants.

I want to report, albeit in a preliminary stage that vulnerability among students who enrolled in college is kind of scary, because there is a prevalence of about 1% of tested have resulted in HIV positive at a University in the interior of São Paulo .

There are no controlled and, for those who have the desire to military on HIV / AIDS is important that you read this Article RNP + by Jair Brandão

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