Legalization of Prostitution in Brazil - Pros and Cons

Legalization of Prostitution in Brazil - Pros and Cons

Professional-the-sex-get-orientations on-citizenship-and-healthMarijuana legalization in Uruguay to legalize prostitution in Brazil:

Latin America is progressing or regressing?
In times of legalizing marijuana, is not only the defender Jose Mujica to break old taboos. Marginalized by society, it is not news that the hypothesis of legalizing prostitution suffer much discrimination. But what exactly legalize prostitution? It would be an evolved way of thinking?

The good guy, thelegalizing prostitution e a AIDS
The question is how far the exposure of one's body as a product of buying and selling can harm society. The "good guy" of the story is the one who wins by the sweat of his own face, and not by the sweat of his own body ... The body itself carries the risk of the spread of AIDS, and this thug can hide in the farce that it uses the sex services in secret. The legalization of prostitution in this case would be a way of revealing something you want to keep secret.

Not everything is as bad as it sounds
Brave is he who overcomes prejudice and transforms bad reputation in successfully. There are international fashion show "Daspu" to prove and also known Bruna Surfer Girl, a writer with biography released in the cinema, among other examples with successful outcome. Maybe legalized prostitution could steal a bit of the scene who is successful with this controversial topic.

Legalization of prostitution: in short, professionals?
It all starts with this issue. Why would a person who sells her body for sex can not be respected as a professional? What there is dishonest? If the body belongs to the owner himself, he has the right to make it whatever you want, right? Not so sure ...

The legalization and regulation of prostitution can even be seen as a kind of social aggression, the prudish and for those who live a moral hypocrite, wives tend to feel vilified the drumbeats of the legalization of prostitution, because they ignore these girls often bear the brutality of their sons and husbands to brothels, but these should be closed


The other side of the coin ...
Society can see the legal act of legalizing prostitution as an "assault" because it does not fit the paradigm in education, for example. If a culture admits the legalization of prostitution, which would be children living with this profession in their day to day? The trivialization would be a constant, and these infants would be accustomed to live "peacefully" with the purchase and sale of the body. The proximity to AIDS and other STDs would be inevitable if they chose this profession as adults. Prostitution, in this case, would be seen by as a profession like any other (and that's the idea).

The legalization of prostitution and family
Does a prostitute or male escort can have a family like any other? In times when the woman is most "fathers", or children are children of two parents, it is entirely possible that a family of this type is well-formed, but not in the traditional mold. With the legalization and regulation of prostitution, it is very likely that religion exerts a secondary, or even nonexistent role, since their dogmas are not consistent with the practices that lead to prostitution. But it is noteworthy that despite the social repression, the world is constantly evolving movement, and this is what ensures a greater insight and consequent acceptance of legalizing the oldest profession in the world. Whether or not the "different" are there, living side by side with the "uncertain" normal.

Legalization of prostitution, AIDS and other diseases
It is clear that those who work directly with sex is closer STDs. It takes a lot of information to combat and mainly so that we can prevent the spread of diseases. AIDS is no longer lethal, however, requires medical monitoring for life of the patient. This, not to mention the impasse in the families of these professionals, we are exposed to the risk, if there is not enough information practitioner. With the legalization of prostitution, there must be an effort by the government to educate and thus prevent disease. The use of condoms, for example, this information is very easy to be assimilated.

Mother with her daughter at bedtimeEducation inside and outside the home
Knowledge and prevention of STDs should be taken seriously in schools, especially if the legalization of prostitution. The Health and Prevention in Schools Project - SPE is in place in public schools throughout Brazil, informing the youth population on sexual and reproductive health, and promote the participation of society. But this is not enough to educate a nation. Faced with legalized prostitution, it takes a family effort to complement what is learned in school. At this point, the "different" or who accept legalized prostitution families may be more enlightening.

Who Benefits Most from the legalization of prostitution?
Taking into consideration the quality of an absolutely adult practice, must pay attention to the benefits of legalization and regulation of prostitution, since there are many sex workers working without labor rights at the mercy of pimps holders of most of the profits , true parasites.

Legalization of prostitution and survival
Regardless of the whole advent of information, the media etc, prostitution is there, as always. And what happens is that most of the work is done by professionals who do not have access to the fund, retirement, and other benefits that make a difference in the time that humans need most: maturity; when we can no longer rely on the body to perform any services - especially prostitution.

Taxes are charged on legalizing prostitution?
Since the establishment of the law of Individual Micro Entrepreneur - MEI, which provided conditions for informal workers could be legalized, many people had access to the National Register of Legal Entities, and could act as business (individually). With the legalization of prostitution, each worker would have a CNPJ because the registration is done individually, which means an achievement and complete independence of the "bosses".

But how to tax?
With a CNPJ in hand, you can work with the legalization of prostitution in special conditions (alone, sending invoice) and get access to aid maternity, sickness,Dollar Geldscheine und Schere retirement and still remain free of federal taxes. The registered worker in MEI pay only a nominal fee to the government. This prevents the proliferation of not paying taxes workers, while facilitating the professionals to carry out their activities with more tranquility and guarantees for the future. It would be a big step to the legalization and regulation of prostitution occurred in that context.

After all, the legalization of prostitution is evolution or regression? Depends on how one views the issue. From the point of view of the worker, the legalization and regulation of prostitution is in a deserved outcome. But from the point of view of the church, the conservative society in which we live, the prototypes of integrity and austerity unfortunately symbolizes regression. Each fight for causes that are convenient to them. The question is whether the ideals of progress or regression are in the majority.

Nonetheless, with or without churches, prostitution exists today, tomorrow and perhaps forever.

Starting with the obvious, that the state is secular, their actions, with respect to what it legalizes or what he does not legalize the church must remain on its pedestal or podium, pulpit u anything seeking to bring him to his sheep; and if, however, they choose prostitution or the sale of sexual services in exchange for money, goods or possessions, the Church can no longer intervene and when I think of what Luther saw the last of said thing is a lot like ...

Or can at least try to "catechize them." If this is going to work, we do not know.

All I know is that the legalization of prostitution can not result in the legalization of environments exploiting prostitution; this because they pimps, are unnecessary parasites enforcement craft, and the girls and male prostitutes and transvestites may very well live without them.

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