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March 2015

maria-the-rockThe rapporteur of the Maria da Penha Law, Senator Lúcia Vânia (PSDB-GO), said, correctly, that the issue of violence against women there is a cultural issue to be changed; she said that the seminar "Evaluation of the Maria da Penha Law and the Future of Prevention Policy Violence against Women", on March 4 2015 a IPEA event.

In his speech, Vania Lucia assessed the period during which looked into the matter and made the Rapporteur of the project which led to Maria da Penha Law.

Ipsis literis Vânia said:

"As rapporteur of the proposal in the Senate, I had the great opportunity to dwell on this subject that is at the same time as delicate as brave. Delicate because it brings to the agenda of public policies an endemic problem not only in Brazil but all over the world, which is the vile and cowardly violence to the female gender. And brave faces because the embarrassed silence of a society and a state that despised completely right - and the desire - of millions of Brazilian feel effectively protected, within an environment that they should be peace, love and warmth : the home itself, "he emphasized.

Citing IPEA Senator lamented that visibly obvious the numbers were significantly higher with no real significance changes (actions to curb violence against women, or gender violence, show up "meaningless". In line with the IPEA study except for the year 2007, period immediately following the enactment of the law indexes fell, for, soon after date back even more aggressive and violence against women is exacerbated-as can be seen in the data below:

The mortality rate was 5,28 by 100 thousand women in 2001 2006 the period before the law, and in 5,22 2007 2011 the period after the law.

"The reduction was insignificant. There is a death, a case of feminicide, in Brazil every ninety minutes these days.

In vain the fact that we have obtained advances to the law, they are still murders each 4,4 100 thousand women, putting Brazil in 7º place in the ranking of countries in this kind of disgusting crime. "

How Seropositive editor Web Site accompany, terrified, the volume of atrocities committed at this point "of the relationship male / female. ".

Long ago talking to a friend on the phone and he told me that in the vicinity of his residence a few nightclubs and, on one occasion, a man (???) got to the location of the door where he faced his own wife and stabbed her.

Suggested to me, so I did a search with the key words "Man stabs woman".

I did and put now the link in the phrase itself to you, dear reader, continue to look particularly carefully their suitors because each new dating is always a risk and I met a girl programs that told me that when she had sex with him, there was a position where he enjoyed the "bad viewing angle" to remove the condom and enters it without protection. Something that, in my view, becomes a criminal act given the reality we live in.

I, unfortunately, I have to say that, on these facts, I get to be ashamed of being a man, on account of knavery made by these abominable creatures, only comparable to other rascals, who make and break the laws according to their subordinate interests that for example, removed the word "Gender" and used "Sex" to simply dismantle the affective homo couples where violence is rife as death in the Middle Ages, which is where it seems that may be the _brains_ The "parliamentary" of evangelical bench, which is beginning to create a hateful situation of religious intolerance so that I no longer know if I call them evangelical, Protestant (poor Luther had his vision and the motto of his life service to God completely distorted and prostituted!) or New Taliban ...

In contrast, the struggle for equality, we have it, that is a hope:

Jean Wyllys

The House has just approved the PL 8305 / 201, which qualifies as "femicide" murder committed against women because of their "female" (before, was "gender") and worse off. The fundamentalist bench threatened to block approval of the project if the word "gender" was not replaced by "sex", since "gender" included as victims trans women (see photo in the turmoil caused!). The female caucus had to yield. It is further evidence of the political power of religious fundamentalists bench, obscurantist and ignorant.

We did our best to approve the original text. Now it remains to invest in political actions, such as the partnership with Facebook that we reported yesterday (

But this is a topic for another article

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