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Antiretroviral treatment (for AIDS) vs. Hormonal Treatment by Natasha Roxy

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transcidadaniaMany my friends have doubts that after the discovery of HIV and early treatment of HIV infection with antiretroviral drugs, it would be possible to continue the hormonal treatment.

I say yes! But say from experience and not as a doctor.

The antiretroviral treatment and the hormonal treatment are different but the body receives a great dose of "Drugs ..." say.

It is good and needs to be renewed attention and health care so as not to develop other diseases ...

Making any kind of treatment whatever it is and ingesting alcoholic beverages and smoking and having a sedentary life status is very risky

Most transvestites and transsexuals I know drink, smoke, or use some form of illicit drug, I'm not here to discuss what can or can not ...

I want to make is in the care of the relationship of the two treatments

HIV Treatment vs. Hormonal Treatment

With indication and follow up of my endocrinologist from the gender dysphoria outpatient clinic of the State Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes of Rio de Janeiro and from the infectologist where I do treatment I was informed that I can not take all the treatment drugs together ...

Example: if I take 3 antiretroviral drugs at the time indicated by the infect so I can not take the hormone treatment at the same time a break is needed; talk to your doctor or seek specialized follow-up and they will tell you why!

Many Transvestites and Transsexuals make use of contraceptives which is wrong!

Contraceptives are for contraceptive use. Translating: are to avoid pregnancy in a woman cisgenera

There are appropriate medicines for hormonal treatment of transvestites and transsexuals ...

Incorrect use of such drugs can interfere and cause serious problems ...

I particularly have varicose veins and high blood pressure caused by the use of contraceptives ...

Ahhhh! But I've taken that "hormone" for many years and I feel so good ...

Natasha Roxy

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