Discovered the HIV cache in the cell, informed the R7

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In Italy, according to R7, scientists have discovered the place where HIV is hidden within the cells of the defense of the human immune system.

Mauro Giacca. Leader of the group of scientists who discovered the hiding place of HIV in the cell where HIV is hidden
Leader of the group of scientists who made this discovery

It was obtained, according to reported the R7, last Thursday, April 02, the photo of the nucleus structure of an immune system cell known to people living with HIV as CD4 or, in less popular medical terms, such as B lymphocyte, discovering, in this way, the “hiding place” of the Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, in Portuguese, or HIV, as it is more commonly known, and, from this photo, where it is discovered where it, the virus, is literally invisible to the immune system , within the body's defense cells, as a kind of Trojan Horse.

The research was carried out by the ICGEB (International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) in Trieste, with the teacher's guidance.

The fact was published on April XNUMX and had a strong impact within the scientific community, which brought hope for new and more potent medicines, bringing even more quality of life. life and hope of a cure for people living with HIV or AIDS

One of the major problems was to know how the virus inserts its RNA into the nucleus structure of the T lymphocyte. (Note from the HIV-positive Web Site Editor: Although R7 is concerned, in its field of DNA insertion, HIV is actually a retrovirus and, therefore, its primary structure is in RNA format), thus becoming part of its genetic code that led to the recurrence of HIV infection even after the complete elimination of the entire bloodstream, shortly after the interruption of treatment. Read here a subject relevant to this situation that will give the exact notion of the importance of the discovery of these Italian scientists.

The reason the virus chooses only a few of the more than twenty thousand human genes to integrate with them, and thus hide themselves from the immune system, as well as hide itself (still lurks) from the action of the remedies and from the self immune system, which produces antibodies against HIV but can not find it inside the cells, mixed with the genes, where it remained, however, as a painful mystery until this discovery.

ANSA, with information from the R7

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