The aging of the eye and related macular degeneration (ARMD)

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Basic structure of the human eye

The reasons for understandingAge-related macular degeneration (AMD)

In Canada, as in other countries with high per capita income, the widespread availability of anti-HIV high-power combination therapies (commonly called ART - Antiretroviral Therapy in freely or translation HAART) has a huge reduction related deaths AIDS and opportunistic infections. In addition, the researchers hope that more and more users ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY liveuntil 80 years.

Therefore, in patients whose immune systems have been improved and stabilized thanks to Antiretroviral Therapy, the focus of attention, probably will eventually change for the prevention and treatment of conditions related to the aging process. A complication as this will ultimately achieve the eye in its most sensitive part, which is the spot, with a disease called related macular degeneration with age (AMD). Before talking about AMD, we will provide, initially, some aspects that need large minimal understanding to then understand those aspects of AMD in HIV positive people or AIDS patients with respect to the "eye" and the dire need to seek, as soon as possible, looking for a good ophthalmologist, preferably a specialist in ophthalmology clinic.

On the eyes

Degeneration of the eye macula

Eye structure Eye settings with the macula in a healthy state, dry and wet macular spot

Light enters the eye and is focused by the lens (lens) and is thus that lands on the retina. The retina of the eye is sensitive to light. It converts the light into electrical signals that are sent to the brain, which interprets and gives us the notion of all that this around us and perhaps (?) Our most important among all sense.

Near the center of the retina is a group of cells called the macula. This is the most sensitive part of the retina. The macula is required for clear vision of objects that are in our field of vision.

About AMD

AMD is a relatively common condition that can occur in people who have 50 years and older (although it is more common among people with 65 years of age or older). In the case of AMD macula deteriorates, resulting in changes in vision. There are two forms of macular degeneration, as follows:

  • Dry AMD - macula cells slowly break down, resulting in blurred vision
  • Wet AMD - extra blood vessels grow under the retina; These blood vessels tend to be weak and leaking fluids which ultimately result in damage to the macula

There are three stages of AMD as follows:

  • The Home AMD - some small or medium yellow deposits (drusen calls) that are under the retina; visual loss is uncommon in early AMD.
  • Intermediate AMD - large drusen are present and there is a degree of vision loss.
  • AMD Late - large drusen are present and there is a degree of vision loss.

Not all people with late onset of AMD will develop AMD.

Macula expanded and smoothly

Expanded taint of Photography

However, since changes in vision may sometimes be sudden, it is important to make regular examinations of the eye, especially for people over 50 years.

Although no treatment can reverse Wet AMD, A professional eye care can help in screening for AMD and soften it with options of various treatments.

In case of processes AMD dry, Your doctor may recommend some specific supplements that have been found to minimize the effects of AMD in clinical trials.

Some risk factors for AMD can not be changed, such as the following:

  • Age
  • Genetic - people with close relatives (parents and siblings) who are or have undergone AMD processes.
  • Racial - white people are at greater risk

With the help of a professional and counseling, the following risk factors can be changed:

  • smoking
  • Obesity
  • Hypercholesteremia.
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • High pressure levels in antiretroviral therapy
  • Chronic inflammation
  • A diet without colorful fruits and vegetables

The next newsletter CATIE Newswill provide information on the diagnosis of AMD in HIV-positive patients.

By Sean R. Hosein

Claudio Souza

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