Nursing homes in the US now admit using the herb (marijuana) in patients

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Heart and leaf cannabis plant vector icon logoNorma Winkler is concerned about the possibility of needing medical support or even of having to live in a nursing home, a very common thing in the North American continent.

-: I would not agree to go to any establishment, public or private, if I were not allowed to use marijuana. "

The administrators of many of these homes inquire about how they could comply with federal law, thereby preserving the reimbursements they are entitled to and while still allowing inmates to consume medical marijuana.

In almost all US states, which, unlike Brazil, have their own laws, which overlap with those of the Union, which allow the use ofWooden gavel and books on wooden table, law concept medical marijuana and, however, these laws do not explicitly and clearly address the possibility of older patients in health homes wanting and being able to use the drug.

Michigan, Oregon and Rhode Island include in their legislations, very vaguely that the "agitation of Alzheimer's disease" would be one of these disease pathologies that would qualify the legalized use of marijuana.

And when the state of Maine's medical therapy law changed last November to allow the use of marijuana for dispensaries, the state allowed officials in these "nursing homes" and "clinics" to have to use sativa cannabis in patients.

Catherine Cobb, who at 2010 was the director of the state regulatory licensing secretariat (Maine explained that for a "nursing home" or "clinic" she might have a legalized right to administer the medical use of marijuana, the establishment Catherine encouraged at the time that new pharmacies to measure, weigh and package the doses in order to assist the mentioned clinics in the correct administration of the medicine and to make inventories on the quantities obtained and consumed by the pharmacies. houses that would have this permission.

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On the other hand, in New Mexico, where the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in 2007, the transition to allow patients to use the herb in clinics had been happening rather quickly, state health inspector Sondra Everhart said. However, the lack of dosage control would be, at that time, creating a series of problems that could be indicating abuse of drug possession and could be mismanaged or even used for illegal purposes.

- If marijuana is maintained in the nursing stations, it "tends to disappear" - Sondra account. - Pills in clinics are in vacuum packaging. You have to get one at a time. They do not do that with marijuana. It is an amount in a small plastic bag; then there is no way of knowing how much a person used.

Another Montana health prosecutor reported via e-mail that at a state clinic, employees took marijuana from patients' coffers and no one knew what purpose (...). According to the agent, there would have been reports reporting that members of the medical team would have approached a patient in an attempt to "make use of the drug in a shared way" marijuana with her.

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