Immunology Chapters 1 to 10 by The Khan Academy | Voiceover by Enrique Aznar Manfio

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I was zaranzando the internet when I found a precious material d Khan Academy which is so very clear and inform on aspects of Immunology would be very important for all people, and exceptionally those who are HIV positive or who live as HIV positive people ( PLWHA).

My first impulse was to do the Download all ten chapters of "course and carries them to my space on WordPress and make them available in homeopathic drops, a chapter a day for ten days.

However, right now I'm struggling to get donations that allow me to get but disk space and some other benefits that my paid account in WordPress, to $ 99,00 a year can not get, so I have been trying to get donations to achieve in real, equivalent to US $ 299.00 and thus be able to do an infinitely better site that has been mine, still insufficient to the standards of excellence that I would like to print to it.

When you finish viewing the videos ... or even before playing them, read this interesting document from Wikipedia dealing with spleen

However, to ensure that the material is not lost by any of the thousands of reasons that only God could imagine, I am saving the videos in ONE external HD, to ensure access to them if something unexpected happens.


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