What are the causes of lipodystrophy?

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What are the causes It is not known at all factors that contribute to the appearance of lipodystrophy, but it is known that the use of certain antiretroviral drugs very significantly favors their development.
  • In general, fat loss or lipoatrophy is related to the use of nucleoside analogues; especially with: d4T or stavudine (commercially known as Zerit®) And, to a lesser extent, O AZT Zidovudine (Retrovir®And co-formulated in Combivir®y Trizivir®).
  • The higher fat is usually associated with the use of inhibitorsprotease*, Although in people receiving treatment based on non-nucleoside analogues were observed both lipoatrophy * as hypertrophy. [* You can consult the list of drugs by type at the end of the document.]
  • The increased cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as increasing blood glucose andresistanceinsulin were related to antiretroviral therapy in general, although there are some drugs that seem to cause this effect more than others. In the table below one can see a gradation from lowest to highest impact.
Other factors related to the development of lipodystrophy are: age, duration of HIV infection, have started treatment with a number ofCD4very low and also genetic factors.

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