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AIDS has no cure. Prejudice yes. InquireIn my teenage years, in the 90 years, AIDS was the big villain of those who had sex without condoms and still is; my aunts and uncles said that getting AIDS was something of promiscuous people who lived in search of sex without commitment and adventures ...

But we know that is not so ...

When looked at me and saw that I was a "sissy boy" said ...

"Careful, promiscuity kills"

"Look, I've seen many like you wither in a hospital bed"

"AIDS is here to take care, use condoms"


Most of the sentences were very prejudiced since associated the fact that I seem to be a boy with "pre-disposition to be" gay "or, in this case, transexual, which is what I am today, as deep analysis of my psyche ...

The stigma between the people was very exacerbated ... they could not see a gay or a skinny travesti that soon whispered "ours is thin ... must be aidética. "

Today I see how much this was something prejudiced and ignorant ...

Nowadays, however, it is a fact that people are more open-minded about it, proof of this is the relationship of serodiscordant people; I know a lot of couples who take care of themselves and keep a common relationship like any other free of prejudices and stigmas of the past ...

We can say that awareness in preventing and caring between the couple is an important factor, but we must not forget that also the biggest factor is that people are loving much more!

Loving without such stigmas and prejudices, accepting differences knowing what is right and wrong ...

There is no difference with respect to serodiscordant couples with those who are seronegative.

There is only awareness that people are different and at the same time equal in rights.

Love and caring is the most important nowadays!

Claudius el guapissimoNote the Soropositivo.Org Editor: Although I do not see the issue of respect for people living with HIV or AIDS with om, random optimism of the Roxy, my key role with Natasha is to give you voice at any price.

I've been searching, because I also need to learn a bit about transsexualism and found fartíssimo stuff on Wikipedia, I suggest this link, which opens, in this same browser tab. I commend it to the more open-minded people so they can see that these "new ideas" are not so new, and the stupid self-professed "homophobic" (I apologize to the Stupid Club). Please, review the issues below and give honest feedback on these issues.

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