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LOGO-INSSIn January 16 2015 the Appeals Panel of the Special Court Federal Amazonas and Roraima (TR-AM / RR) decided that a person who "live in misery" and suffers from a disease that does not allow her to fight for a position in labor market on an equal footing, is entitled to receive Social Security benefit.

Based on this understanding that the Panel has determined that a former hairdresser diagnosed HIV positive for the AIDS virus, HIV, receive INSS assistance aimed at people with disabilities, the LOAS

The call Organic Law of Social Assistance (LOAS) pays the equivalent of a minimum wage (R $ 788) to whom has long-term disability, whether physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments. The grant depends on medical investigation made by the INSS itself. In the case analyzed, the report concluded that the 41 year-old man would be able to work, considering that their clinical condition was "stable".

Therefore, it is almost a "norm-common" of the procedure "forensic INSS, the Union of the Public Defender in the Amazon collected the money in court, claiming that should be taken into account social segregation experienced by the author; this segregation that I, the humble soropositivo.org editor, has lived and relived, and now a cause in court against the INSS, supported by I am GIVIn the beautiful person of lawyer Fernanda Nigro, who has been my loyal squire in his eagerness to regain that I was marred by a person completely unable to analyze, independently, a picture of depression; I, Claudio Souza, I witnessed a host of obvious human rights violations in relation to social security, which defines their "works" based on modus operandi Covenant Medical Companies or Private Security.

On the one hand, even though there is zjustiça and honored magistrates to take it forward; On the other hand, infelizment eprecismos of these enforcement mechanisms and corrigendum, to enforce such a simple thing, given to us by the Master. Do not do to others what you do not desire that you do

The author, with incomplete primary education and profession unregistered (another legal aberration), had to leave his job at the salon to find the HIV virus, out of fear of customers (uninformed by venal media) that he could, to handling sharp objects and chemicals, transmit the virus that causes AIDS, HIV. Moreover, he lives with a married sister who receives a minimum salary of retirement in Brazil, needs no introduction.

The application was denied at first instance and the Turma Recursal granted the appeal. With information from the Social Communication Office of the DPU.

Claudius el guapissimoNote the Soropositivo.org Editor: It's a positive decision, it is true, but the person's condition live in poverty me because species, amazement and uterine spasms (and I do not have one of these ...)! If the condition for receiving a meager minimum wage is to live in misery, we ask for mercyLord, Piedade (Cazuza)! Does not anyone realize that the vast majority of people who are HIV positive live in extremely difficult and that many of them are even on the verge of misery? And still wield a decent life expression ?!

I remember a lady who, over fifteen years ago, he told me he would have to return home fasting, having already experienced a period of fasting of 12 hours (not to disrupt the acuity tests such as measurement of triglycerides) in order to return home at the time there was still, as now begins to miss free transport for people living with HIV, and she needed the wizened money to return home, which was in São Paulo on nosocômios located beyond the "second-ferry", where she would return after four hours of misadventures, his stomach stuck in the back, something that only those who starved know.

We need to humanize the network and yes, however, we must humanize the country.

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Eunice Dantas 3 03America / Sao_Paulo September 03America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 14: 50

Hi I have HIV and cancer had spent years in 4 inss so poor roof work but I can not have but fossa but inss me deuas coast what I do

Adriana 9 09America / Sao_Paulo October 09America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 13: 23

I'm unemployed cuz my boss knew q had HIV

Claudio Souza 9 09America / Sao_Paulo October 09America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 18: 00

What city vc lives. I need it to try to use my contacts and try to help u. He could not have fired you for that

skin days 17 17America / Sao_Paulo October 17America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 20: 43

hello good night I learned just now that I am a carrier of the HIV virus, was a shock to me still do not know or want to do, I'm Unemployed afraid of preconseito and there already do not know what to do without courage for anything I want to know is I have entitled to some benefit Social Security or any other inform me by farvo

Claudio Souza 18 18America / Sao_Paulo October 18America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 10: 20

The person I spoke to dial AIDS offered me an email address to address these issues.
I sent a message there, and I suggest you all do the same, to press them and have an answer as quickly and objective way possible if you want to send the email, This is the address You can also call 0800 16 25 50 and inquire of loa about, and connect tb to 136 and suggest them to update their protocols, and notice, the person who informed me showed ebidentemente that in addition to be reading a text , could barely read it, giving me the impression qu I was talking to one of those pinball machines, speaking syllable by syllable in the hope that you understand.

For my part, I apologize, but I am human and I base myself on information given by other human beings and send to my limited Edition one updating it and another for social assistance of the same entity and email.

Again, I reiterate my apology for having, even if motivated by good faith led you to some form of suffering and doubt.
Claudio Souza

Bruno leonardo 4 04America / Sao_Paulo November 04America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 10: 32

Hello Good morning I learned just now that I am a carrier of the HIV virus was mad when she hears the news TBM was speechless nothing to niguém am me and my paçeira tou not working a year tou Unemployed want to know is in this case the gorveno of some cost help because I am very Disistimulado and depression can someone help me .... I call Bruno

Claudio Souza 4 04America / Sao_Paulo November 04America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 21: 27

Bruno ... Your first step is to talk to the social worker (a very important part of the system) and tell her everything you're going through.

Surely she will guide you to ask the doctor the report. As you talk about depression I believe she will tell you to look for mental health service or psychiatrist. She will give you the report. From then on is between you, God and the "technical INSS" that will tell whether or not you have the right to receive. I had my benefit cut into 2009 and went, with the help of GIV - Group Incentive Life (This link opens in another window). If you are in São Paulo, contact them, send an e-mail for their system, please. If you are in another city other than São Paulo, between the site National Network of People living with HIV or AIDS and I'm sure they will find a way to help you. If all else fails, go back here and, please, explain to me what happened and what was said, and the state in which you live and the city.
I will have a lot of commitment in the search for the situation in which you are living.

I know sometimes it smells like shit ... And sometimes it's the same shit.
In this case, we use the shit to fertilize something and seek something better to plant and harvest it, how to find a way to solve this.

For now, my dear, that's all I can tell you.

Do not give up. Believe that you find a solution. In one way or another.

: )

Anna Luiza 6 06America / Sao_Paulo November 06America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 15: 42

Good afternoon, Claudio ...
I found serology a short time, and because of that, away from work twice a depression. The discovery was through a request for periodic examination in the company, the occupational medicine. Because of this, I can not have a normal life in the workplace. Does 16 years working there, and advised me to sue the company. Because of this psychological situation is that I can retire?

Claudio Souza 6 06America / Sao_Paulo November 06America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 18: 11

[Caption id = "attachment_128108" align = "alignleft" width = "350"]Themis 5782 I put this image here for you to understand that I believe in Justice [/ caption]

Hi Anna, good afternoon. I talked to a lawyer and she told me that this test can not be done.
I advise you to take strings for them to hang.
But I need to better understand what is going on. You have been harassed? Did you know that you resign because of this you have direct to sue them for it. But I need to know more.
Anyway, if you have a smart phone, look for an app for your device that records conversations. If possible, put it in a pocket. Either way, make it be with you all the time.

Open an account with any site that allows you to save these files. Keep calm, do not lose your head. Not to them any little excuse they might want to use even give you a just cause.


For now that's what I have to tell you. But I suggest you take advantage and read this article - the link opens in another tab. I tell you to look in the below text of my Whats App. IF you want to add, you can add. I'll see you around here tomorrow.
Take care. Remember if. Search record ...

If you need to "separate the wheat, I can assist you in order to deliver only what serves as a supporting proof.

If you need anything, let me know

[Wpvideo Qhrgut0z]
Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas

Priscila 2 02America / Sao_Paulo December 02America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 00: 34

Hi, my name is Priscila. I went to take a pregnancy test and the doctor asked for the exams for me and my husband, so his serum was positive. I was without any soil at the time. Two weeks ago we had the news. how we should act in this case. Thanks for listening

Claudio Souza 3 03America / Sao_Paulo December 03America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 12: 07

If you are in São Paulo, you should seek legal support from an NGO called giv http://www.giv.org.br if they are not in sampa, look for the http://www.rnpvha.org.br they will be able to direct this

Claudio Souza 3 03America / Sao_Paulo December 03America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 12: 07

If you are in São Paulo, you should seek legal support from an NGO called giv http://www.giv.org.br if they are not in sampa, look for the http://www.rnpvha.org.br they will be able to direct this

Anonymous 15 15America / Sao_Paulo March 15America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 15: 01

Hello. My ex-brother-in-law passed hiv to my sister. She at the breastfeeding of the twins they passed on to my nephews. I wanted to know if there was any benefit for them. SISTER AND NEPHEWS) .they have 5 years. And especially if she can PROCESS HIM. She does not help her with anything.

Cláudio Souza do Soropositivo.Org 16 16America / Sao_Paulo March 16America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 17: 40

Yes, transmitting HIV deliberately is a crime, it's hard for me to say that, but the truth is that you do not do this to anyone consciously. IF he knew about the serology, he did not warn his sister, he got her pregnant three times ... But this is where I see a big question: The doctor who performs prenatal care is required by federal law to request the HIV test. every pregnancy. This is because it is possible, with proper prenatal treatment, to prevent the birth of HIV-positive children and this is had, has been and is known all over the medical world! So, I believe there are more people to be hunted (it's my way of being) and blamed. Not just the "son of a bitch" serving as a "conscious vector", but also "health professionals" who mysteriously ignore an absolutely necessary protocol. It took me a long time to answer why I had to find the article that deals with a small country where no more HIV positive children are born and gave work because it is for review. Have a little patience and this link in four or five days. will lead you to the news. Be that as it may, anonymous person, there is much that investigates there in this thing

Renata Rodrigues 4 04America / Sao_Paulo June 04America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 18: 49

Thank you for sharing your experience and in exchange for strengthening and encouraging so many people in our country. This article talks a little about the Bolsa Família http://www.criarfacebook.com/bolsa-familia and can help people stay even more informed about benefits and rights.

Claudio Souza 5 05America / Sao_Paulo June 05America / Sao_Paulo 2018 at 08: 49

Hello Renata Rodrigues, good morning! I would like to know if, and how, you could help me have not the family grant, but the social security benefit of the sickness aid, which has been systematically denied every time I try to get it. Thank you

Claudio de Souza Santos 18 18America / Sao_Paulo May 18America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 22: 13

Jucilene. If u can get this message please contact me.

Fran 3 03America / Sao_Paulo November 03America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 03: 33

Hello ... I am a carrier of the virus to 6 years
My husband and I are desempregados.temos two children .. and live in a house just 1 room ... we are unable to have quality of life ... how do you get a benefit?

Claudio Souza 3 03America / Sao_Paulo November 03America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 08: 50

First of all it is necessary that you, or you and your husband, get medical reports to inform their health condition so you can start at first the sickness to "try to make it evolve" for retirement. On the other hand you have to look for places where it may be necessary to obtain the family allowance and school bagTwo cash transfer programs for people living in difficulties or poverty that has been sought by countries with France, justice is done, so that they can implement similar systems in their countries and I show here profile of the person, justice is done, it implemented the whole system and that many people have spat on the plate they ate, Beating pots to help the interests of not know where the kitchen at home and see if a person has received all the tributes across the planet could not be cheating all countries.


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