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Disability and AIDS

Prefatory note of the Head of Soropositivo.Org Editor:

Although it seems out of scope within the site context, it is necessary to note two important aspects:

  1. People with disabilities are vulnerable to HIV infection (in 15 years of work on this site have never seen one campaign to motivate the practice of safe sex for people with disabilities, whether physical, either, sensory;
  2. People with HIV can, in line with the very different evolution of infection by HIV and / or AIDS manifestations become disabled.

Living proof of this is my person, who has been victimized by a vicious disabling process because of aClaudio-panama peripheral neuropathy, which has affected my hands more vigorous manner, giving me Sorry news about future possible and, on the other hand, an almost infinite exacerbation of my dyslexia, which implies an increasing number of revisions that at the end, They turn out to be relatively useless, because we always end up escaping typos or spelling and / or grammar which I find inexcusable for a person who intends to propose to me (...) without any social security resource hámais kind of half decade (living as God provides).

The original news comes from The Guardian, one British newspaper. This puts us relatively pointless, because it deals with UK law and, however, gives us news of advances they obtained with which even dreamed of and put in the rider against negative injunctions that can always arise, translated and edited, for our incipient society, prolific in injustice and even cowardice ... Anyway, any resemblance co our (im) Security, is not a coincidence, it is a systematic way of reallocating resources to government coffers of their respective countries in a way I qu day dirty ( unclean) to get money and "round public accounts ...

Good Reading

CSS No benefit pension since December 2009 ...

Silhouettes of old and disabled people, vectorWe are concerned about the current and projected impacts on people with disabilities of changes in employment support and disability support allowance; outstanding issues with job skills assessment; the reduction of the local authority with regard to expenditure; the substitution of the allowance for social care due to incapacity for personal autonomy; the closure of independent living and the reduction of the housing allowance (reports(10 May).

These changes are having a negative impact on the lives of people with disabilities and their companions, and are likely to undermine or remove control and choice of home, work, and community life as autonomous choices of the disabled person.

We fear that the changes will prove to be setbacks, and that they may raise barriers to

Setbacks socias has performed at the beginning of this century, since I think the decade of the 2010 2019 as a mere beginning of 'century, as true returns the iniquity of the industrial age, born from the advent of the steam engine and that was the only mobile to adduce England in his "fight" to slavery, for in verdde, what they wanted was to sell steam engines. Since then, for naught any progress, humanity has been prodigious and prolific inequities of all kinds ... racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual exploitation, bizarre revival of slavery, with costumes "modern" and I do not finish writing to keep me in intention to exacerbate the presence of evil, which always power ', to be found in any harvest as long as one wants to see evil, and in verdde, I look for a better world, with my pale and almost inefficient effort to achieve. Not for me, nme for my daughters but perhaps for my grandchildren who are still at the stage of preadolescence ...

community life and announce the return of a situation of reducing the assistance of the disabled person to something like what would be defined by supporting the subculture (sic) "is an animal and clean it only."

We welcome the publication of the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) 23.◦ report The application of the right of persons with disabilities to independent living, in which it calls on the government to publish an assessment of the impact and cumulative effects on people with disabilities of the ongoing reforms.

The JCHR considers this to be an essential issue, given the legal responsibilities of the government, as one of the signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

There must be a commitment to the progressive realization of the UNCRPD's resilient rights, devoid of the current "economic climate" that can not, even in the most perfidious or insidious hypothesis, lead to setbacks of hard-won gains over more than one century of dialogues, and bitter struggles.

We hope that the government's response to the report, which is expected to come up to 21 in May of 2015, necessarily includes a commitment to globally assess the cumulative impact of all the above reforms on people with disabilities.

Failure to do so raises the question of whether the government is fulfilling its obligations under international law.

Beat the onions (Rio de Janeiro, South Lanarkshire) and more 36.500 signatures for the petition in,

Jane, a consultant on the rights of young people with disabilities and activist,

Linda Burnip Member of management, DPAC group and Professor Peter Beresford , Shape our lives

Dr. Simon Duffy Director, Reform Centre of Social Security

Richard Hawkes chief executive,

Mark Goldring Chief Executive Officer, Mencap Steve Ford , Parkinson's disease UK

Rosemary O'Neill, Frances Kelly CarerWatch rights of persons with disabilities Kaliya Franklin Claire Glasman writer and activist WinVisible

Steve griffiths research and consultancy in social and health policy

Peter Spencer Executive Director, the ME action Paul Jenkins chief executive, rethinking mental health Dr. Ben Baumberg Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Kent

Dr Sarah Woodin Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds

Nick Rijke Director of policy and research, MS Society Dan Morton Social Workers Action Network

Caroline Richardson

Norman Curran Values ​​in action in Scotland, the Scottish Campaign for a Just Society

Sam Barnett-Cormack, Simon Barrow Ekklesia

Teresa Catto-Smith, Carole Rutherford Act now for Autism

Steven Rose wheelchair, Campaign for a Just Society

Clifford singer, false economy

Pippa mackie Executive Director, Kingston-upon-Thames Kashmir CABIN Access Auditor,

NRAC Karen Machin St Helens, Merseyside

  • Iain Duncan Smith is of the view that people with long-term disability with "insurance premiums as being"Iain Duncan-Smith- susceptible to something like a philosophy which would be explained as follows: "allowed to suppurate" the risks, (note of the translator: although I have searched in three dictionaries of Babylon® and Word® for something that would allow me to replace this word and give I could not find anything that would do it, and the best sense found, as in the image shown, to forgive the debt and, I firmly believe, this means that the hypocritical policy of the British Government transfers to the people defined with " long-term deficit "by potential" partner "(sic) of the government, strong enough) to forgive debts. It is PQP) fueling the increase in verbal abuse on people with disabilities, reinforced by an implicit fraudulent increase of 6% of 30 people with disabilities in £ 500.000 billion (GBP Pounds ₤ $ 2.24 = $ 1,00 - source: that we do not deserve any benefits (Disability benefits torn, opens on another website, window and in British English 14 MAY). DWP has fraudulent benefits in 0,5%. This kind of propaganda does not hold up easily, done the math.

Anonymous crowd walking on the street in New YorkThe public needs to understand that most people really need this benefit, to help many keep work supported by the 41,10 combined low-level DLA. This is a pro-autonomy benefit, keeping people independent of (more expensive) services.

People with low DLA are also affected by most cuts from local councils and are no longer eligible for social support. (Editor's note: We would have to thoroughly describe the English parliamentary political system and its various nuances ... In short it is only the slug sluggish l = corrupt would lower m here with a figurehead who is the royal family, a kind of indebelável parasitosis)

Without DLA, many of the people with disabilities with lower wages may be able to continue working. Taking into account the national minimum living standards and salaries (£ 243,20 and £ 288 per week - Translator's note, swapping kids the minimum standard of British life circulates around R $ 4.800,00), how can Iain Duncan Smith justify this withdrawal or £ 71,45? People with long-term disability can not work, and how will they live without receiving £ 71 or £ 53,45 (for people under 25 years) per week?

Can each of us, without any deficiency, manage expenses with a loss of this volume?

Many tend to lose their independence with this escalation of cuts that need to force them to go, periodically, to the local support authority.

Steven Rose
Campaign for a Fair Society

  • looks like Iain duncan smith was chosen as the most unproductive way of dealing with people with disabilities. stevenrose203Forcing people with disabilities and people with chronic diseases to participate in the fascist style of the evaluation centers, which does nothing to improve the public perception of their government.

Not the best way to deal with this problem. As evaluation centers are now scattered around the country, why not use these resources more productively?

At the moment, the system is to throw money on the street in a cycle of valuations and useless resources.

  • These centers could be used, instead, to provideSallyBarlow counseling and support for people with disabilities, so that they can return to work.
    They could also be a place where potential employers could advertise job opportunities specifically for disabled workers.Dr S Barlow Bristol
  • Polly Toynbee describes government failures (Comment, May Day 15), includingPolly_Toynbeewithdrawal of the disability allowance. At a recent conference of people working on volunteerism, a woman with severe disability said. She said she was able to do a limited amount of volunteer work for her credit union - a couple of hours a day - that had therapeutic benefits. The DWP's response was:

"If you are able to volunteer for eight hours a week, you can get paid work for eight hours a week."

She lost her DLA because she had volunteered with her credit union.

The irony is that volunteering, the so-called "great social actor," was the chief of Conservative policy in his 2010 manifesto.
Gerald demonstrated by Sandison
Vila Nova de Poiares, Bedfordshire

Claudius el guapissimoTranslated and adapted from the original The human cost of disability cuts by Claudio Santos de Souza at 06 / 06 / 2015. Hire me for translations from English to Portuguese and help me keep this site up in the air with dignity via email seropositivowebsite [@]

Since I received this video, there is one day that I did not watch, in order to remind me of how much I am blessed ...

Although I sized HIV for almost twenty years, though I can not have a steady job, where I can stay for more than three months ...

I'm alive and that settles all wisdom and all the Prophets!

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