Study proves that deprive the sugar HIV can stop virus replication.

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CD4 - The Key Point in People's Health with HIV

Researchers say deprive sugar HIV can help stop them from multiplying.

A recent study may help other researchers to determine the order of transmission of HIV.

preservatifAccording to scientists at Northwestern University, interrupt the flow of sugar in the body is to block the virus from the nutrient pipeline of human immunodeficiency virus - the virus that can cause AIDS - can help the virus leading to death by starvation.

The researchers said that the Achilles heel of HIV "is his appetite for sweets and sugar, whose deprivation can lead to his downfall. The virus is known to consume the sugar and nutrients to the activated immune cell attack, known as a CD4 + T cell. The amount of energy consumed is then diverted to the multiplication of the virus.

During the experiment research, scientists came across a switch that triggers the pipeline, which supplies nutrients and sugar to the HIV virus. The researchers successfully blocked the "pipeline" phospholipase dubbed D1 (PLD1), with the aid of an experimental compound.

PLD1 deactivation resulted in the stoppage of supply of nutrients to the virus. Thus, HIV was left private material that helps replication in cells. However, experimental results were reported as positive only when conducted on human cells in vitro.

Blood analysis in lab

"This compound may be the precursor of something that can be used in the future as part of a cocktail for the treatment of HIV would improve the results of very effective drugs we have today," said Harry Taylor said in a statement. The results of the investigation can help design a future treatment for cancer cells, which also use sugar and nutrients within the cell in order to replicate and spread throughout the body.

The researchers believe the study results call for more research into the field, which could eventually be used to stop the spread of the virus during the early stages of infection

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