Addiction acts as fuel for flare set of HIV and Hepatitis C in rural areas in the US

Note: Although the text speaks of the situation of the Indian states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, I had an almost irresistible thirst of set to music the text with Gonzaguinha song that says: Yo-Yo ... This here is a bit of Brazil Iaiá ... . Good reading

Пандемия (pandemic). Желтая оградительная лента

David HeitzBy: David Heitz
June 14th, 2015


Drugs ... The end of the trail

When news of rural Indian HIV epidemic broke in March, the experts cautioned that can only be the tip of iceberg.Rapaz has never been so evident this reality ...

As of late March 81 people in the small Indiana Scott County had been infected with HIV, most of them dependent on opiates addicts who shared needles and syringes to inject drugs.

From 10 June, the number jumped to 169, according to theState Department of Health.

The good news is, the number of new confirmed cases finally seems to be slowing down. The bad news is, in Indiana, HIV nightmare is probably being replicated elsewhere.

A report published last month by the US Department of Defense Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) showed that the hepatitis C infection ratestripled between 2006 and 2012among people under the age of 30 years old in four of Appalachian tribes. Out of almost 1.400 reported cases, three quarters of them were injecting drug users under 30 years old and live in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Although the report center is on hepatitis C, it is very likely that at least some of them, are also infected with HIV. In a story told by Associated Pressnominated Hazard, Ky., and a city that has become famousfor its sexy decade of 1970 prohibits Bo and Luke Duke of the television series "the series Dukes of Hazzard"The journal Public Health warned:" A person can be the Mother of typhoid fever in relation to HIV. "

And HIVHepatitis C traveling together with the Injecting Drug User (IDU)

Dr. Jennifer, an epidemiologist at the University of Kentucky Research Centre of drugs and alcohol, explained that the outbreak of hepatitis C can be a precursor to an HIV epidemic. This is because both diseases are highly communicable through drug use and unprotected sex.

The reverse is also true. HIV outbreaks may signal a coming of an outbreak of hepatitis C, a scenario that is already extending in Indiana.

What these very close bouts of an apocalypse - as the setting for the rural communities of the South is that they were not prepared for this. Such a thing is a fact and point; although a report issued a year ago by the Association of National Rural Health have sounded an alarm warning that this day was coming.

"HIV is of particular concern to rural America because the lack of resources can lead to missed detections of infection and maintenance of the treatment, the report said. "Furthermore, traditional norms and conservative values ​​in rural areas, where often this translates to high prevalence of HIV-related stigma and low disclosure rates, resulting in reluctance to advance to the escrutinamento of" micro-epidemic "of HIV and worse , poor adherence to treatment of those infected, between rural areas. "

Indiana State treatment of the cost of people newly infected: $ 64 million

Conservative states like Indiana and Kentucky have been very quick to set up needle exchange programs without given the growing epidemic.

However, Indiana law only allows the exchange to last a year and, in Kentucky, is left to the decision for individuals. Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee has no needle exchange program.

When it comes to exchange needles to prevent HIV and Hepatitis C, a paradox exists. The federal government has refused to fund needle exchange,wque proved its effectiveness for decadesin stopping the transmission of HIV. However, many of the new infections, these poor, rural areas that depend on state funding or to receive health care programs, has been harmed by actions of "containment of expenses."

Affordable Take care, act now (Translator's note: this is the name of an American policy to health, in free translation say something like: "Take care Act now") are health coverage mandates for everyone. While Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky have expanded their medical care programs, as the Virginia and Tennessee, no.

Using data provided by the CDC, the cost of treating someone with HIV is $ 379.668. Which will add more than $ 64 million to treat only the new cases of people infected in Indiana.

National Rural Health Association

"It is heartbreaking to see that a preventable disease like HIV became epidemic before we gave attention to what the National Rural Health Association has said for decades: investments, both in the economic domain as in the public health of rural communities are essential" wrote Michael Merit and Brock Slabach in the current issue of the "Revista Rural Roads", the Rural Health magazine of the National Association. Merit is a member of the organization's board of directors; Slabach is senior vice president of services to the membership.

Instead, they argue that health infrastructure in these communities have faced funding cuts. Among the recommendations made last year a policy brief:

  • Identifying needs and available resources of each rural community to plan an effective strategy for the community in focus from strategies that HIV in rural areas, are not a one size fits all solution.
  • Distribute educational materials to key places such as beauty salons barber shops, restaurants, grain elevators, community centers etc., to help increase awareness of HIV / AIDS in rural communities.
  • Intensify efforts to increase the setting of the vision linked to HIV in Rural South Zone, establishing and maintaining for screening to encourage people who would otherwise be reluctant to or not being able to travel to urban sites for HIV testing.
  • Training rural health workers includes train doctors about HIV in their specific issues and its management as well as to cultural competence, especially for those people who work with multicultural patients and multiracial populations.
  • Increase the number of medical providers in rural counties or offer incentives for HIV experts offer their services to rural communities.

Yes, Hygiene is the daughter of secular rots"Merit and wrote Slabachon rural roads.

"We will use this tragedy to change the policy and ensure that this is the last epidemic we have to bear."

Note editor and translator:

As strange as it may seem to you, as the text is consistent with our reality that I could not help but translate it; there is unfortunately a detail: The phrase in green above was what I could find as equivalent to an idiom that says:

"Yes, the chickens have come home to roost due to years of neglect," wrote Meit and Slabach in Rural Roads.

I was not able to find a translation or a transliteration for it in the interests of truth, may be a typical expression of Virginia or Tennessee, as was typical of a brown Sao Paulo newspaper, as it is, "Malaco of three pipocos in noia and burning the floor in the mouth of fumor .. (send there for a North American translator this phrase and see how it translates it) and thus I chose to use the phrase mentioned above is actually written by Joaquim Maria Marra Machado de Assis, in one of his famous trilogy of books and lack me to the memory, but I believe that should be in Quincas Borba or Dom Casmurro. In Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas I'm sure it's not because I read this book five times and I know him very well.

Anyway, although I may have fled the brought the author mind which was to use a common axiom for your language and I was not able to translate it. If anyone knows define the phrase and want to share, I'll be delighted to rectify the text and quote / a (s) employees (as)

Claudia happyEditor's Note

It is unbelievable that the gates of the beginning of the third decade of the twenty-first Century there are still people like certain pastors of "neo Pentecostal churches" using religious fundamentalism long mummified by Time, in order to monetize their treasure right here on Earth while making a right "allotment - grilagem- Paradise (this also happens in other religious crops, can not deny, but the sinister power of oratory and the ability to engage in polemics all, when, very wisely demonstrated by Boechat, what they lack It is rolling.

And the big rolls. I met certain theses (and do not even need to be a doctor to know that) we pursue, in general, those who can live happily, even what they wish for themselves, but that pudicismo, cynicism and hypocrisy congenital, added to a good deal of ambition and repression prevent them from living. And based on that sprawl up epidemics, build up prisons on land where they should be schools; nor are prisons are dungeons because the idea is to re-educate and Prison Institute resocializar, not to serve as academy banditry.

They want to reduce the criminal minority. They know what will happen? No? They will entice children ten years to commit irregularities. What's up? Wild cane in her little girl ten years that you love so much?

Indeed! In jail only the children of others or, as Getúlio Vargos said: "To all friends, enemies ... At the law" Tertulias flaccid vacum to sleep

Translated from the original in English ADDICTION FUELS HIV AND HEPATITIS C OUTBREAK IN INDIANA, ACROSS RURAL SOUTHBy Claudio de Souza Santoson Sunday, July 21 2015

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