Cuba has been certified by WHO as the first nation to eradicate vertical HIV transmission

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WHO certifies Cuba as the first country in the world to have eradicated vertical HIV transmission

In 2013, only two unborn children came to life with HIV and three with syphilis in Cuba. WHO explains that “Efficient primary care system explains situation”.

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It is evident the isolationism in which Cuba lives, criminally persecuted for more than five decades. The photo speaks for itself. The cars there, in general, are these. And medical equipment follows the same line. After all that, they achieved this great success

Da France Presse

transmissão vertical do HIV, SoropositivoOrgThe World Health Organization (WHO) certified this Tuesday (30) Cuba as the first nation on the planet to eradicate vertical transmission of HIV
"Cuba's success demonstrates that universal access and universal health coverage are viable and are in fact the key to success, even against such complex challenges as HIV," said Carissa Etienne, director of the Pan American Health Organization (Opas), a WHO regional branch, at a press conference.
Only two children were born infected with HIV in Cuba in the year two thousand and thirteen and only three were born with congenital syphilis - well below the minimum criteria the World Health Organization (WHO or WHO) to consider the elimination of transmission.
For the Cuban Minister of Public Health, Roberto Morales Ojeda, the WHO recognition "constitutes a high recognition for the Cuban national health system" which, according to him, is "accessible, free and universal".
The great success of Cuba, the nation that has been beaten for 50 years, which kindly sent its doctors, excellently reigned to Brazil, in the highly criticized program “Mais Médicos”, only attests to the planetary need to guarantee universal access to treatment and, above all, , to emphasize prevention and awareness campaigns about the disease, declared Etienne.
"Thus, it is possible to face natural disasters, infectious diseases or anything else," he said. Also according to the Organization, six other countries and territories in America are in a position to request from WHO the validation of the double elimination of these diseases: Anguilla, Barbados, Canada, United States, Montserrat and Puerto Rico.
Eight more countries in the region have managed to eliminate only mother-to-child transmission of HIV and 14 have managed to eliminate only congenital syphilis transmission, the organization said in a statement. According to the WHO, about 1,4 million women living with HIV become pregnant, per year, in the world, and if they do not receive treatment there is a possibility of up to 45% of vertical transmission of the acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS). to your shoots. However, as of 2009, the number of unborn children with HIV has fallen by almost half a year, from four hundred thousand to two hundred and forty thousand in 2013. On the other hand, almost one million pregnant women worldwide are infected with syphilis annually, which can result in death or serious neonatal infections. Meanwhile, in Brazil
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transmissão vertical do HIV, SoropositivoOrg
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transmissão vertical do HIV, SoropositivoOrg

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