HIV can be removed from their hiding places by anticancer drug that can help in the fight against AIDS

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Anticancer drug appears to have properties capable of carrying HIV to move out of their hiding places, making it an "easy target" for the immune system of HIV-positive person

virus expelled from their hiding places
HIV kicked out of hiding

Antiretroviral therapy that helps to eliminate the viral RNA from the blood stream and other body fluids are not able to reach it in certain regions of the human body.

However he, HIV may be expelled from their hiding places with the use of an anticancer drug, according to information from some researchers.

Antiretroviral therapy prevents the virus from replicating in CD4 cells within the immune system, however, can not be successful when it is necessary to expel the virus hiding places where these remain unaffected; once you stop the medication he returns to attack CD4 cells and restart the process of destruction of the immune system, which is the major barrier to achieving the cure of HIV.

A study published in the scientific publication PLoS Pathogens indicates that an anti-cancer drug is "highly potent" in the reactivation of HIV 'hidden'.

Experts say the finding is interesting, yet it is still important to know if it's safe to use the drug in patients seropositive for HIV, since it is not known what the potential drug interactions between these compounds ...

'Kicking and kill'

Specific antibodies and broadly neutralizing massacrandoas copies of HIV expilsas of hiding
Specific antibodies and broadly neutralizing massacrandoas copies of HIV driven from their hiding places

A strategy known as 'kicking and killing' is considered a 'key' for curing HIV - the virus kicks the virus, causes it to come out of its hiding places, ART prevents it from re-infecting CD4 cells and allows specific antibodies do the job of eliminating it from the body

The staff at the School of Medicine, University of California, Davis, has researched the PEP005 - one of the ingredients in the treatment to prevent cancer - in a skin that has been damaged by the sun.

The anticancer drug tests was made in cells in the laboratory and created in parts of the immune system taken thirteen patients with HIV.

The conclusion was that the "PEP005 is highly potent in reactivation of latent HIV" and that the ingredient is "a new group of important compositions to fight HIV."

One of the researchers, Professor Satya Dandekar, called the discovery a breakthrough.

"We are very excited that we have identified a candidate above all standards for the reactivation and eradication of HIV that is already approved and even used by patients. This molecule has a potential breakthrough in traditional clinical studies. "

Cartoon bacteria under a magnifying glassHowever, the drug has not been tested in HIV-positive individuals.

As informs a professor at the University of Melbourne, Sharon Lewin, who also participated in the survey, the results are a 'major breakthrough of new information which can activate latent HIV. "

"The study adds another type of medicine to be tested for potentially eliminate the 'survivors' forms of HIV, but much work is still needed to understand if this really works in patients." "Although the PEP005 now be approved by the FDA (organ United States regulating the production and marketing of food and medicine in the country), some time will still need to examine whether it is safe to use it in patients with HIV, "he said.

Perhaps the AIDS cure
Maybe this is not the way to the AIDS Cure

With information James Gallagher Reporter science BBC Brazil and reprint of Claudio Souza.

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Claudio-panamaNote the Soropositivo.Org Editor: A friend read the story in "avant-premiere" and asked if this, attract all the HIV out of hiding, would not be a way of weakening the patient and I found this a great question; On the other hand, I have a personal matter to release on the subject, and I believe that at least 15% of people living with HIV, who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, is whether this anticancer drug would be (or is it?) able to remove HIV infiltrated the nervous system and what it would cost this new "input" drug within the budget of countries like Brazil, has a free universal treatment policy for all people living with HIV?

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