Enzyme APOBEC can make HIV co-present with the Human Body peacefully, reports the Journal of the Science R7

Scientists have discovered the phenomenal adaptation mechanism that apparently took two HIV-infected men to go through a "self-healing".

They say the finding may lead to new treatments for HIV disease, AIDS.

The two HIV-infected patients, and of these individuals carry the AIDS virus for at least thirty years without ever develop any sign of progress from HIV infection to a case of AIDS.

The viruses survive in cellsCD4 (The most important Immune System and who are the main target of the AIDS virus) and yet was inactivated because its genome had changed, as the researchers say.

The change appears to be related to an increase in specific enzyme activity, known as APOBEC, and consistent with the theories espoused by the researchers.

A "spontaneous healing" has caused "uproar" Starfish scholars in pharmacodynamic working with the development of new drugs; one reads

The work opens therapeutic avenues for healing, using or stimulating this enzyme among newly infected patients who have a chance of spontaneous healing " said a statement.

The work, published in the journalClinical Microbiology and Infection, Was conducted by scientists from France's Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

HIV replicates after invading cells of the human immune system CD4 and then inserting its genome the genes CD4 cell by a process called reverse transcriptase, which, without realizing it, begins to create new copies of HIV to the cell end dying, which causes a stroke of new HIV copies in the blood stream. And these viruses leave in search of new host cells to repeat the process. For a while the body can replenish lost cells, and then it starts to lose these battles and CD4 count begins to fall and the person, without proper treatment, can develop AIDS (read the article Best Understanding the Disease - This link opens in another tab of your browser)

A very small group of people - less than 1% of people living with HIV - are naturally able to control viral replication and keep the virus at undetectable levels, clinically speaking.

They are known as "elite controllers" (click here to learn more about the lives of these people, "Elite controllers - This link also opens in another tab of your browser). But the mechanism by which they keep the virus under control still remains an unfathomable mystery.

The French group watched the two HIV carriers, a 57 year-old man diagnosed HIV positive in the mid 80 decade of the last century, and one with 23 years, who received his diagnosis in 2011, and was made sequencing the genome Viral both.

Although they have remained infected, their viral loads remain, though without being on ART (antiretroviral therapy) undetectable.

The staff found that in both cases, the virus was unable to replicate in cells of the immune system due to mutations in their genetic code.

A hypothesis was suggested that whenever a hypothesis, there is a spontaneous mechanism of evolution between humans and the virus, a process called "endogenization", where it is believed that the human DNA has neutralized HIV in our ancestors.

A similar process was observed in a population of koalas that have built a virus similar to AIDS in their genes, but they managed to resist and pass this resistance to their offspring.

We propose that cure can occur by HIV in humans endogenization"Officially declared the team.

These results suggest that without therapeutic and prophylactic strategies, after several decades of interaction between HIV and millions of deaths, it is likely that some people might neutralize and transmit that power neutralizer for their children"They added.

Researchers this genomic interaction is exactly the key to inactivate it and find a cure for HIV infection enacting thus the end of AIDS even in people with AIDS boards, from doo study of the viral genome while interacting with the genome human.

Although the two patients presented in the survey have controlled levels of HIV in the blood, other patients have been considered cured.

Timothy Ray Brown, first is considered to have been cured, after receiving a bone marrow transplantation in a treatment against leukemia. It is believed that the donor bone marrow transmitted resistance to HIV.

In another study, a Mississippi-born baby who was born with HIV received antiretroviral drugs for 18 months after birth and was declared cured and yet, unhappily, HIV returned to reappear in the girl's body some time later. editor Notes: Although the source I used not clarify a few points, I left, inset of the text, some links I would suggest that you clicked. I recall that until recently I envy (envy white) elite controllers; I do not envy more. This was because I found a story that already It is this site and the linkis just above, which shows how hard is the life of an elite controller and I cost to believe that the two patients used as an example in this study can be considered elite controllers, given the volume of suffering, more the number of hospital admissions the elite controller status is a person living much longer in a state of Immune Response(One humoral response status which is always composed of inflammatory responses, such as mild fever, constant pain and everything that involves the immune response itself you see in the following video (The text continues after the video and you are entirely free to ignore it, but fail to learn some interesting things about how your body works and how much can be painful life of an Elite Controller ... (...) ...

There come misbelieve the possibility of adaption of the human body to the presence of HIV, or even a "viral initiative" to seek an equilibrium relationship with the host organism. So it is in cases of Feline AIDS, caused by FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus which in English would be IVF); however, at least in the case of cats, this was a process, at least, secular and I can not, here's my modest view, see how to do, globally a "forced evolution" in the human genome without breaking a few glasses ( human life) ... It is acceptable from an ethical / moral point of view? In what way?

I do not know. But I know someone will say that, if necessary to save humanity is lawful select few million (!!!) [@:] to continue the human species.

And I ask again: Who are these "elected"? Those who can afford? Or there would also be a selection for any servants? I do not know.

What I know is that this is a pregnant question of other issues. Although I want to feel my heart full of hope, always remember Leviathan and the old maxim which says to be the true Wolf Man

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