The time puts everything into place

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The Time on your hands
Time is on your hands. within certain limits, which vary according to our ability (to each) to discern. It behooves us to extend or shorten this time with words, thoughts and actions. In the end everything will have been as God wants, as long as you do not commit suicide! This goes against all the laws of God. And if you do not believe in one, alas ...

I decided to share my story. It's not much different from the rest, but, well, I think it's important to say to those who will not read the other stories. I have 29 years of age and for two months and twenty five days I have discovered that I have HIV. I had a rather convulsive sex life and I did not mind caring for some people ... I think being drunk many times helped me to get to the condition I live in today. But in the end, neither alcohol nor anyone is to blame, there is nothing more and no one else besides you.

For many years I did not get an HIV test out of fear ... lack of courage ... but one fine day I decided to go for the test.

Not to be sick or have any symptoms. I was in perfect health.

I knew it could be positive, but I was fairly confident that it would be negative since I had a boyfriend for over a year with whom I had never used condoms and everything was fine. He had recently auditioned for other reasons and everything had gone pretty well, too. That's what gave me a lot more security, despite the fact that I'm not with him anymore ...

The day I received the result I was told that they repeated the test because he had tested positive.

I think, like everyone else, at that moment, I felt that my life came down. Everything I had planned for me collapsed and, despite having many friends, I felt alone. No, I did not say a word to anyone other than my mother, my ex-partner and a good friend.

For all those who are starting with this sad problem, I can only say that the weather makes all the dust download and everything fits. Time is helping you to understand and assimilate this condition, the weather is like the spear of Alexander the Great: It hurts, it heals. Almost three months later, I can say I'm calmer. My life has changed a lot. I'm already on treatment.

Life must continue because we only have two options or we sit and wait for death to arrive, and in this case it can arrive fast or we move on with life, fighting for it in every possible and imaginable way and going forward.

A hug from Panama.


Original in Spanish El tiempo va Calmando it all with use of automated translation technology and adaptation into Portuguese by Claudio Souza.

reviewed by Mara Macedo


SouzaTranslation note: In the work of Machado de Assis, I do not remember which of the titles of the famous trilogy consisting of The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas, Quincas Borba and Dom Casmurro, Machado uses the same figure of speech that I used me, although he has used much more effectively and property ...

In the narrative he cites a legend that tells the story of Alexander the Great in the heat of battle, he injured one of his men. Grieved, he desapeou from his horse, looked at the spear and said, "You hurt, you will heal!" And he touched the wound with the spear and, according to legend, the wound closed. Machado de Assis goes on to say: "Time is like the Lance Alexander. It hurts. It heals. If you have not read, read three, it is worth and teaches a lot about humanity, humanism and on "humanitas." To the victor, the potatoes!

Gave me poetic license (it's the first time I do it in 12 months of translation) because I felt that would not hurt the meaning of the text and put this explanation to fully understanding the content.


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