There is life with HIV

Time and patience ... That's all I need to have a person living with HIV or AIDS

I remember who I got HIV.

I know who she was, I remember her, I know her name, I know she knew it and I know she did it on purpose and, for the sake of truth, I loved her so much back then, and I was so misinformed about what it was and about what is living with HIV or AIDS that if she looked at me and said,

- "Claudius, I am HIV positive and I want to fuck you without a condom."

I certainly agree with her and, in a tragicomic kind of Romeo and Juliet I have contracted HIV "for love."

If you reading this thinking now as I thought in the past, do not do it.

Living with HIV is a possible thing, but the amount of problems you will have to confront is not worth it to contract it "for love."

The fact is that every day we run the risk of dying from something, but do not go if exposed to this form of death, even as it is not dying. On the contrary, it is to live otherwise.

For me, HIV was a major port for an intimate reform and I reviewed all my concepts, especially the ones I had about me, and today I am a better person than he was before contracting HIV. And if you just found out that is HIV positive, think about it also, in a way to achieve a "better self" and concentrate all its fibers that, in improving and, above all, to practice self-love. Yes! Love yourself, because if you can not love yourself, do not know to love anyone else.

ashoka-401x300The great love of my life is on my side, in the room next to this we use as an office, resting. She barely knows, but my life would be completely, or almost completely meaningless without it. And that was the result of a large search where I lost many things, including my "Status fellow of Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs."

Patience is what we have to have. It's time.

Time and patience is all we need to convert a vase of vinegar, delivering drop by drop, into a vase of pure water.

Think about it and not die of love, not kill yourself for having AIDS.

And keep an eye out, because who comes face does not see AIDS and AIDS can hide in many places, including in the past you believe that love ...

Claudio de Souza Santos


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