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A video with testimonials from some HIV-positive youth.

A life, how is she. Young people living with HIV in a video about ten minutes talk about their lives and the new focus they had put on their lives.

What puzzles me, and worries, is the premature age at which they contracted HIV!

Some of them seem to have contracted HIV as a teenager and this is something very worrying.

The video is a production of the CRTA of São Paulo and must have found it difficult to expose minors, as this would certainly put me in doubt, and with this I certainly do not publish, for fear a repressive action of the prosecutor or even the Small Claims Juvenile.

That should serve, this reasoning, to drive a good number of young people visiting this site (according to software that accurately determines the demographics of Soropositivo portal visitors. About 25% of visitors coming here have an average age of 18-25 and these would be the HIV positive young people this video could and could reach. People who visit this site aged 15 and under is almost insignificant and I would draw the attention of those who are over 25 have minor children who are preparing as soon as possible to educate their pubertal or prepubescent children with regard to HIV and AIDS, not as a murderous thing that simply catches and kills, but as it is, a stigmatizing disease, which reduces the chances of getting a job, the complicated professional life and other things that make life for us, HIV positive people, something much more difficult than simply (...) catching and dying; as if it were simple, showing that the life with HIV it can become a painful process of organic degeneration and a deep psychosocial chasm that is created between young people who are HIV positive and the world (…) serologically negative or serointerrogative

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pedroks399 July 30, 2016 at 13:44:50 am

Thank you for answering me so fast Claudio, do not doubt it, for I am the 1 month without sleep just reading about it. But anyway it as is, it is great to learn about it, and see how life really is. Congratulations for the great site. May God bless us always. And we give value to the really important things in life.
Worse than discovering HIV positive, it is to spend a lifetime being mediocre and without giving value to our loved ones (family, friends, etc.). Thing I learned from this situation.
Hug, and post here my result so that it out!

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Claudio Souza July 30, 2016 at 16:02:34 am

Enttão. I suggest you that you visit this post and read it carefully.

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pedroks399 July 30, 2016 at 12:32:14 am

A Beautiful work friend, I hope there are more like these that give us a light!
I did a test with 30 days quick test and it was negative, made a fourth generation with 26 days and negative too, but I meet with symptoms, lymph nodes enlarged in the armpit and groin, constant fever 37,5 a rash on the face, pain in muscles an ulcer in the mouth that does not burst. Anyway. Thursday will now redo the tests. I hope everything is alright. But if it is not good to have to count on. Having people who really take life with a different perspective.
My risk of contact was unprotected vaginal sex with a girl who did the quick scan 1 week after our relationship and it was negative. I saw for this month hopeless. But I met a lot of people to give me strength to any possible diagnosis. And that makes me very happy. It is the life that follows friends. Let us accept and live on welfare.

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Claudio Souza July 30, 2016 at 13:18:10 am

Search inside the text vc said the link that says "When the mind favrica the disease." My experience with all this has taught me that most of you are not prepared for a sexul life without guilt, which leads me to believe that you are not disabled for the sex life!

Just to illustrate, there was the case of a person who did, so he put it, oral sex in parceita by "1" second (had a pity this girl ... lost the night) and who now lives is mortifying because he thinks contracted HIV. This motto of the text and, if I remember that after the nap I need to take (yesterday I had a great day), which will address sex and guilt or sex and religious fault ... If I did not write it until Monday, please, please send an email to just to remember. Thank you

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