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Altered cholesterol metabolism may protect immune cells from HIV

Altered cholesterol metabolism appears to protect immune cells from HIV-positive individuals "non-progressors long term"

Test colesterlCholesterol metabolism improved in certain cells of the immune system may help explain why some people with HIV can naturally control the virus with little or no disease progression, according to research presented at 8ª International AIDS Society conference on pathogenesis treatment and HIV prevention in search for a cure, last month in Vancouver. The results suggest that the regulation of cellular cholesterol metabolism may offer a novel approach to controlling HIV and potentially reach a functional cure or long-term remission.

Giovanna Rappocciolo the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues performed a presenting laboratory analysis comparing cell - dendritic cells and B cells that capture invading viruses and display it for recognition by T cells from HIV-positive people with progression of the typical disease and non-progressors, or individuals whose disease does not progress for years, even without antiretroviral therapy.

The researchers previously reported that presenting non-progressors individuals cells are inefficient at transinfecção are inefficient or the transferring of the intact virus to T cells presenting cells of individuals showed non-progressors transinfection impaired before and after primary infection of HIV, while progressors common trans Normal cells showed infection. They hypothesized that the difference probably had a genetic basis.

Translator's Note. The fire and sword the entry transifection It is well defined in Wikitionary:Transinfection (plural transinfections) (Biology) infection) of a host (the act of infecting a) with a bacteria or viruses of other types, often with microinjection, in order to study the different roles of infected hosts and species often used to describe DNA import viral-mediated transfer, which is what happens inside one of the processes of "invasion" of HIV in cells CD4 click here to view HIV lifecycle

In a poster presented at the IAS Rappocciolo and colleagues reported that a genetic analysis showed that transinfecção is affected and it seems to be due to enhanced metabolism of cholesterol within cells presenting non-progressors individuals, which leaves them with cholesterol levels extremely low.

Specifically, performed a whole genome transcription analysis of dendritic cells, B cells and T cells CD4 of 8 8 progressorsand non-progressors typical in Study (MACS) multicenter cohort AIDS ..- a study of long-term natural history of the disease HIV or AIDS treated and untreated in men who have sex with men looking for differences in the expression of genes related to metabolism of cholesterol.

They percebram that the "presenting cells" non-progressors individuals express several genes related to cholesterol metabolism pathways compared to typical progressors.

We found that presenting cells of individuals non-progressors a complete lack of ability to transinfectar of T-cells, the researchers concluded. This was associated with cholesterol metabolism which appears to be deeply improved hereditary, and identify genes involved in the uptake, trafficking and metabolism of cholesterol that are associated with the phenotype of lack of cross infection.

These results, added, provide a basis for therapeutic interventions for the control of HIV-infection 1 through modulation of cholesterol metabolism.

Written by Liz Highleyman

Translated by Claudio Souza reviewed by Mara Macedo the original IAS 2015: Altered Cholesterol Metabolism May Protect Immune Cells of Non-progressors

Observation of Soropositivo.Org Editor: This is all very promising and, as a friend says, it is too early to celebrate is a cure. There is a possibility and I believe that this may be a way to find, for example, a long-term treatment with, for example, a Picula HIV each month, perhaps every one year, do not.

But, as the day Beatriz PachecoEveryone connected adherence to get forms and strong to this day functional cure, remitting or complete!


Rappocciolo G, J Martinson, Piazza P, et al. Profound Alterations in cholesterol metabolism restrict HIV-1trannyinfection of T cells in CD4 nonprogressors. 8th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention. Vancouver, July 19-22, 2015. Abstract MOPEA013.

Other Source

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Cholesterol Metabolism in Immune Cells Linked to HIV Progression.Press release. July 17, 2015.

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