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Public neglect and private threatens AIDS program and closes the Corsini Center

corsiniThe journal "Portal G1"He announced, on Friday, August day 21 2015 that the Centre CorsiniA portentous reference in the fight against AIDS in Campinas will terminate their calls for adults in the coming months. The reason for this event is the fall estimated at 30 percent of the donations.

The monthly cost to maintain a good service (the Corsini Center is a national and international reference in combat and treat AIDS) oscillates around R $ 250.000,00 per month and the income from donations and all that they can raise comes close to R $ 170.000,00 and of course, the bill does not close.

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Founded in the early 80 decade of the last century as a center specializing in treating people with HIV the Corsini Center opened in 1982 a second unit, a shelter for HIV positive children and it is precisely in order to keep this under the Centre terminate its activities under the care of people living with HIV or AIDS - the center hosts 20 minors separated from their families by the courts. The president of the institution said, however, that no patient will be left without care right away.

Most of these minors have at least one condition that determines special care, given the severity of the disease.

The Clinic focused on the care of elderly people is expected to end its activities by the end of September, when all employees will be laid off and more than five hundred patients have been referred to other units of treatment and support; however, until it is given by the full transition from Corsini patients to other centers, it still keep the medication delivery program to patients. The city of Campinas guarantees that will give service to all graduates of the Corsini in other public service centers youngdoing so with that used patients with outpatient care "first world" are treated as people with everyday health problems, as has been done eat House of AIDS, where I, the publisher of this site treat myself as well as my wife, which was closed for two and a half years and we were literally banished to the Emilio Ribas, who did not have the structure and level of excellence that AIDS the house had and has, now that, after many struggles and CLAIMS the Clinic and was reopened, however, reopened in another location, changed completely the reality of these patients. I believe the same will happen with patients of Corsini (...).

Unicamp reported that already serves thousand people living with HIV and that the hospital is considering what can be done with the Corsini patients. The infectious diseases clinic Celso Pierro offers 500 calls per month, consultations depend on the routing of the health posts. Already the center of reference STD / AIDS today accompanies 3000 people.

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I, as editor of this site, I consider that this is more a consequence of constant trivialization of AIDS, which won a dangerous status of chronic disease (sic), and it seems to me, based on what I see, I feel that donations have fallen because of this dangerous impression (which even affects the demographic data regarding the population that is contaminated with HIV0 that AIDS is a disease that is "under control" (the word is deliberately hyphenated to give the idea of ​​the banality of a disease it can also kill, which is infectious, and is achieved, in most cases, young between 15 and 24 years, which do not test and only come to discover their serology in nine or ten years. This contradicts the advertised by Brazil, with respect to achieving the goal called 90-90-90.

The Brazil was once a planetary example with regard to the treatment of AIDS as a disease and AIDS as an epidemic, will shamefully down this rank and I come to fear for my future, still in time to come.

It is necessary that we all mobilize to prevent the closure of Corsini center is the prelude to an early tragedy!

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