Social vulnerability among youth increases cases of AIDS among women and young gay men

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surrender 010 / poser 3dAccording to notisa, an agency of scientific news, the HIV epidemic is growing rapidly, in vain all the progress made by big and small nations on the planet, the 34 million people infected a group of about ten million HIV-positive people It is in the age group of young people between the 15 24 years.

Several indicators in various contexts indicate that it is within this age group there is the highest number of STIs and therefore who should be a priority target in all actions for the prevention of AIDS and other STDs, with a view that when there is the presence of other STIs, some of them extremely treacherous as they are virtually silent and asymptomatic early in its evolution, the fastest growing chances of contracting HIV.

The article "Factors associated with HIV / AIDS among adolescents and young adults enrolled in Testing and Counseling Center in the State of Bahia, Brazil", published in the journal Science & Public Health last year, outlines the factors related to the prevalence of the disease in this group. The author is a researcher Bianca de Souza Pereira and colleagues at the State University of Feira de Santana (UEFS).

The research investigated the tests for HIV detection 3768 young people, aged between 13 24 the years, all performed at the Municipal Reference Center for STD / HIV / AIDS in the city of Feira de Santana.

The researchers found that 1,94% of these young people has been diagnosed as reagents (positive for HIV), and that the overwhelming majority of this population were women (73,1%), brown (70-80%), with eight or more years education (60-80%), living in Feira de Santana (83-97%) and urban areas (95-100%).

Research also raised that among these young women, a higher proportion of HIV positive among women in stable relationships or married and also had higher incidence of drug and alcohol.

Among young males, gay and bisexual prevalence showed a higher incidence than among heterosexuals - of eighty-six young heterosexual tested aboutGay Marriage Concept with Rainbow Rings of the 16 17 percent received the diagnosis reagent for HIV while all 14 homosexual or bisexual presented the disease. Furthermore, the proportion of the prevalence of other STDs in seropositive (70%) was approximately three times greater than half seronegative (21,3%).

This further supports my reasoning, which concluded that the most vulnerable people in Brazil are women (young or old, married or not) most in need of attention in this age group, and that a PrEP strategy would be necessary and harm reduction while on the other hand, are necessary preventive education campaigns among them who need to be aware of their rights as citizens, and its partners, which should (must) be made aware of the use of condoms in all relationships sex, it is demonstrating that it is not only HIV / AIDS that they avoid but also unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, as well as syphilis and other STDs; On the other hand, young people should also be made aware of condom use and the search for health centers for PEP, Now available in Brazil.

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Claudio Souza


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9 statements

deride 19 19America / Sao_Paulo October 19America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 22: 06

And is
It is possible to make a child with someone who is HIV-positive, and not to contaminate, by taking the tablets.

Tandrinium 7 07America / Sao_Paulo November 07America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 14: 19

Yes, Dercio. It is possible to raise a child with someone contaminated with HIV without contracting HIV.
I suggest you read all the articles that you can find in this link and do it with attention, awareness, and caution. Because the "ver ** des" that are there may not be valid for all

Lxxx 29 29America / Sao_Paulo November 29America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 12: 25

Thank you for the text.
I found it a little confusing with the author's notes in the middle of the text, sometimes it's worth editing them or moving them to the other side.
And in the paragraph that says that C4 count and viral load are used to estimate how long someone will stay healthy, and this made me super curious to pick up my counts and know my estimate. I'll click on the link that follows in the same paragraph 125 fact sheet to see if that answers this question.

Thanks for the text.

Claudio Souza 14 14America / Sao_Paulo December 14America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 17: 28

Thank you. The notes are spontaneous and are born right there, at that point in the writing. If I do not how I do, it gets lost. Brazil ... Love it or leave it

Natalia 29 29America / Sao_Paulo November 29America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 18: 38

What is your number?

Claudio Souza 14 14America / Sao_Paulo December 14America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 17: 20

The number, which I do not remember, is in an image at the end of all the texts on the site. I do not put it as text because google indexes and there dani sorry Sorry for the delay in responding

Mattos g. 6 06America / Sao_Paulo December 06America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 22: 02

Good evening! Great testo and very enlightening, but I have a small doubt! I'm taking pep (seven days)
Does this lessen the chances of passing on a possible virus that is supposed to be in my system? I know the ideal is to use a condom, but I had a relationship out of wedlock and it gets complicated to explain, do you understand? Thank you very much in advance!!!

Claudio Souza 10 10America / Sao_Paulo December 10America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 22: 05

Friend. I can not help you. If you have an ongoing HIV infection, even under pep, you are a vector. I do not know what you're going to tell your wife .... But ... You can not ....

Claudio Souza 14 14America / Sao_Paulo December 14America / Sao_Paulo 2017 at 17: 17

Mattos. Sorry for the delay in replying, but see, read this text


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