The man who started PrEP 5 days after infection appears free of HIV less than a month later

Red and blue capsuleA man who contracted HIV maybe five days before starting pre-exposure prophylaxis scheme (PrEP) and who then received treatment with antiretroviral therapy (ART - estimated to be no more than 12 days after infection) still did not show any signs of the virus a few months later. The man was enrolled in the PrEP demonstration project in a program to protect men who have sex with men (individuals at high risk of infection) from HIV infection. Information from this case study was presented during the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (ELEVENTH) in Boston.

The man tested by means of a test ELISA 4.ª generationPlus the rapid antibody samples testing 21 and 13 days before it began taking Truvada (tenofovir / emtricitabine) as PrEP. The sample of the day it started PrEP showed that his viral load was 220 copies per milliliter of blood, while the other two HIV tests performed in the sample were negative, indicating a very early infection, an estimated time range of five days of age.

Week planning calendar in colors of the dayHe did PrEP for seven days. Having taken just two antiretroviral drugs, such as are included in Prep, instead of the standard three-drug as the treatment protocol if someone is diagnosed HIV positive. Though he can not go back in time to make a genotyping their viral RNA and therefore researchers do not know if he had an acute HIV infection during their first week of PrEP or not.

Once your HIV infection was discovered, it was placed in a conventional treatment of HIV cocktail Prezista (darunavir) Norvir (ritonavir) and Truvada.

The levels of HIV RNA in this man fell from the initial rate to a read 220 120 one week after he started PrEP, and then below the 40 27º days after infection. Since then, researchers have been unable to detect HIV in your body, even using highly sensitive tests.

Researchers plan to try to withdraw its ART after a year.

Scientists are not able to conclude at this time how PrEP might have contributed to the apparent spread of the virus in the human body. They suggest that programs that prescribe PrEP should consider testing for acute HIV both before and during the use of PrEP and then consider switching to an immediate and complete ART regimen.

Translated by Claudio Souza's original Man Who Began HIV Treatment 5 Days Appears In Virus-Free

Note the thrilled Editor Soropositivo.Org:

Claudia happyThis is an interesting fact and should serve to anyone reading this article to think the relationship last night, in which it may have be missed, no matter why, condom use, whether it would be advisable to print this page and take it to the nearest CTA and ask the rapid appreciation of a "protocol" like this.

Unfortunately I could not find the text referred to the response after withdrawal of ART, but I promise, I'm looking and, perhaps, still waiting for the answer, since, admittedly, it can not yet come out.

The protocol, as I understand it, is relatively simple:

Elisa is a test 4ª Generation and starts PrEP

It is a viral load count

7 (in PrEP) is expected to days and a new viral load is

Begins the appropriate ART (should perhaps be given to the idea of ​​a genotyping early in the -SIC- protocol to avoid possible easily avoidable frustrations).

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