Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) indemnify man a carrier of the AIDS virus at $ 300.000,00 for moral damages

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, Soropositive Blog. OrgVeja magazine reported that the Justice of Rio Grande do Sul determined that the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (IURD) compensate a man with the AIDS virus for R $ 300.000,00 for moral damages. The decision came out on August 26 and was published last Thursday, 03/02/2015. According to the process, the HIV positive person was influenced by the church to abandon treatment against the disease "in the name of faith healing ”, and that culminated in his wife's HIV infection, given the fact that people on treatment with a zero viral load have a 96.6% chance of not infecting their partners if they are being treated.

The Board arrived at the sentence based on the complainant's history of therapy, who spent 80 days in hospital, almost three months, that is to say, of which he spent 40 days on how to mitigate the pain.

Among the evidence cited are medical reports, testimonies and news articles. In addition, the posts of a bishop of the IURD on social media about false AIDS cures were also considered. The psychologist's testimony says that treatment was abandoned due to visits to services. The judge Eugênio Facchini Neto evaluated that “although there is no explicit proof about the guidance received by the author in the sense of abandoning his medication and relying only on divine intervention, I have to believe that the evidential context in the records is sufficient to convince the author's version of its absolute verisimilitude. ”.

“The responsibility of the Universal Church lies in the fact that it took advantage of the extreme fragility and vulnerability in which the author found himself, in order not only to obtain material advantages from him, but also to abuse the trust that he, in such a state, placed in the 'messengers' the defendant, Facchini said. He also said that, because of the dimension of “economic power” of the Universal Church, the value of the indemnity must be pedagogical. The church will appeal the decision.

The UCKG and other franchises, say, church, has committed this type of crime, encouraging the abandonment of treatment based on mystifications of undetectable viral load tests, saying that this is the result of divine intercession and, when patients fall ill, and many die, they say that the fault lies with the patients, who had “little faith”.

, Soropositive Blog. Org

, Soropositive Blog. OrgTo me, the site editor, these miracles have already been offered and, fortunately, I have been refractory to this type of “cure” since these cures end quickly, in about six months or a little more, a little less and I consider men and women (“pastors” and “bishops” (sic)) who do not stop even in the face of a disease where it is known that treatment needs to be strictly maintained and, as an activist from the NGO Hipupiara, Beto Volpe, said, it is rare that these “miracle cures” will end up right at the IML.

It is necessary to put a brake on the mouths of these pastors (sic), merchants of the faith, who clearly represent everything that Jesus, in his time condemned, the sellers of time.

I think that a law should be established to hold and punish, not only civilly but also in the scope of criminology, because quackery is a crime and should yield heavier sentences, with some “aninhos” in jail. We had some examples of these and we would be free of this living wound in our country, which are these “Neo Pentecostal Churches” where everyone says yes, but in easy money (for them) through the exploitation of bona fide believers who, inadvertently, give everything who can and sometimes what they cannot.

It is important to note that they still have the audacity to claim that they are “going to appeal the sentence” when, in fact, they should become obedient to the Law, without seeking, in the justice of Men, what they will not find even in Divine Justice.

It's like a repudiation that the public is noticing

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