Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) indemnify man a carrier of the AIDS virus at $ 300.000,00 for moral damages

UCKGVeja magazine reported that the Justice of Rio Grande do Sul has determined that the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (IURD) indemnifies a man carrying the AIDS virus in R $ 300.000,00 for moral damages. The decision came out on 26 in August and was published last Thursday, 03 / 02 / 2015. According to the lawsuit, the HIV-positive was influenced by the church to abandon treatment against the disease "in the name of faith healing " and culminating in the spread of HIV by his wife, there are views of the fact that people on treatment, viral load has zeroed 96.6% chance of not infecting their partners if they are manidos in treatment.

The Board came to sentencing based on the claimant's treatment history, who spent 80 hospitalized days, nearly three months, that is, of whom went 40 days as induced to mitigate the pain.

Among the evidence cited are medical reports, testimony and newspaper articles. In addition, they also considered the threads of a UCKG bishop on social networks about fake AIDS cures. The testimony of the psychologist says that the abandonment of treatment occurred from visits to services. The judge Eugenio Facchini Neto assessed that "despite the non-existence explicit evidence about the guidance received by the author in order to leave your medication and relying on divine intervention, I have the evidentiary context in the record is sufficient to convince the absolute likelihood of the author's version ".

"The responsibility of the universal Church lies in the fact of having taken advantage of the extreme fragility and vulnerability in which he was the author, not only get his material advantages, but also abuse the trust that he, in such a state, deposited in the 'messengers' the defendant, Facchini said. He also said that because of the size of "economic power" of the universal Church, the amount of compensation should be pedagogical. The church will appeal the decision.

The UCKG and other franchises, say, church, has committed this type of crime, encouraging the abandonment of treatment based on mystification of undetectable viral load tests, Saying that this is a result divine intercession and when patients fall ill, and many will die, they say it is the fault of patients, who had "little faith".

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Jesus Good Shepherd hTo me, the site editor, these miracles have been offered and, fortunately, I have been refractory to this kind of "healing" given the fact that these cures end quickly, in about six months or a little more, a little less and I consider men and women ("shepherds" and "bishops" (sic)) which does not stop even in the face of a disease which is known that treatment needs to be kept strictly and, as one activist Hipupiara NGO, Beto Volpe, not it is rare that these "miracle cures" may just end up in the morgue.

It is necessary for a brake in the mouths of pastors (sic), merchants of faith, which clearly represent all that Jesus, in his time condemned the moneychangers time.

I believe that a law should be established to hold and punish, not only civilly, but also in the field of criminology, for charlatanism is a crime and should lead to heavier penalties, with some "years" in the chain. Let us have some examples of these and we would be free from this living scourge in our country, which are "Neo Pentecostal Churches" where all speak yes, but easy money (for them) by exploiting good faith believers who inadvertently give everything who can and sometimes what they can not.

Please note that they still have the audacity to claim that "will appeal the sentence" when, in fact, should convert into obedience of the law, without seeking, in the justice of men, that they will not find even in Divine Justice.

It's like that public repudiation is note

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