There is life with HIV

People who lost to AIDS

People who lost to AIDS

This is a sad list of people who have fallen prematurely because of AIDS.

I did not create this video. I got it from someone I do not know but who it was, because this list of people we lost to AIDS has been with me for so long that I do not even know it and somehow and I would not dare to argue with him, "Poetinha" said:

Everything is lost in the fine thread of the lamp of memory (Vinícius de Moraes)

Unfortunately, in general, I'm not like that! There is much that burns, burns and corrode the thread of my memories, which would have been published by a person who made a promise to me, did not fulfill it and threw me into a puddle of mud, mud that this same person created. (Sic transit gloria mundi) ... (...) ...

I could not publish famous Brazilians who have lost to AIDS. I knew I would be dragged, hanged, crucified and burned, all at once, if I did. It is a pity that this is so ... This is one of the worst forms of prejudice, the "self-prejudice". No major comments Most people you'll see in this video are probably not known to you, and on the other hand, your parents almost certainly remember them.

Do not enter, like many others, in the judgment of merit on "led their lives" even as lives were them, and to me, it should take care of my and, if you are honest and objective, knows that the only life to which you should bother is its (...).

These people were cultural icons in their times and their premature loss is a loss of unknowable proportions for the world.

Just to cite one example, Isaac Asimov died of AIDS and they've started, long before there was the possibility, now so close to get along with robots, the treaty of the three guidelines of Robotics.


And what about Claudia Magno, Cazuza and Renato Russo, who are not even in this video. Unfortunately, I did not have access to the images of "famous" Brazilians that we lost to AIDS, since Globosta does not free us from its tenacious iniquities.

Day will come

RIP for them.

And a prayer too ..

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