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Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) the Facts

If you have had unprotected sex (including the condom tore or escapoliu during sex); or if you inject drugs with vestments shared with someone you know is HIV-positive, or is a risk behavior group for HIV, such as homosexuals or African immigrants, then you should look for a CTA or COAS that promotes lectures for you to know which is PEP.

This is called Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, or PEP, an acronym in English, given that Brazil does not respect the own language and when the use is banal, vulgar and scatological way.

The professional organization of the sexual health of the UK medical guidelines that recommend the circumstances in which PEP should be used.

Goal PEP

PEP has been used for many years for health care workers who had exposure to HIV; for example, after accidentally punctured with needles used in people who were seropositive or at risk for HIV infection.

PEP is not a "cure" for HIV. PEP can prevent HIV transmission preventing it from entering cells in the body and thus prevent you from becoming infected with HIV. PEP is not 100% effective. However, there have been very few reports of HIV infection after using the PEP.

Distribution of PEP

To have the best chance of that is efficient, we need to start PEP as possible rapidmente after possible exposure to HIV, ideally two hours and certainly within not more than seventy-two hours.

Drug used to PEP

PEP usually consists of three anti-HIV drugs, two different classes, usually two from Inhibitors Reverse Transcriptease Apart from amplification of the protease inhibitor.

PEP should be taken for a month, and is important to take all doses at the right time and the right way.

Where to get PEP

Go to a health center, an emergency room, one LOVES a UBS one CTA browse dial AIDS.

If they operate a system and the commitments are fully reserved, explain that it's an emergency and you need to be seen. If your local clinic sexual health is not open (for example, is end-of-week), go to the emergency department who will get in touch with an expert in HIV that is able to prescribe PEP.

Guidelines for prescribing PEP

There are guidelines regulating how PEP should be considered in terms of application and everything is fairly subjective. The guidelines take into account the kind of sex you had, and also what is known about "the source partner", for example, if that person has HIV or may have HIV.

In the United Kingdom, the guidance 2011 were updated in order to take into account the viral load of HIV person, if this is known. If someone with HIV is having treatment for HIV and that suppresses viral load to a very low level (referred to as "undetectable viral load", since it is below the standard tests for detection limit), then it is very unlikely that HIV can be transmitted during sex and PEP would not be recommended.

When you go to get PEP, you will be asked about the type of sex (or any other activity) that had to assess how high the risk of becoming infected. You will need to have an HIV test to see if you are not already HIV positive. You will also need to agree to be tested again when you have completed the period of PEP.

The sooner PEP is accessed the better the prognosis. The guidelines should be provided within 72 hours after possible exposure to HIV.

PEP is considered emergency treatment. You should be able to get it for free regardless of your immigration status or social position. THIS IS DUE TO YOU AND YOU, IF NEED FOR, CALL THE POLICE TO BE ATTENDED.

Despite these guidelines, some people who have had possible exposure to HIV, including gay, had difficulty getting PEP. In these circumstances, you can find this information from the prevention National STD / AIDS and Hepatitis Stained

Ministry of Health Secretariat of Health Surveillance

National STD / AIDS

Press Release 18/02/05   Dial Aids For Vidda clarifies doubts population   Where to take the anti-AIDS test? How to have safe sex? These are the main doubts of those who are looking for Dial Aids Pela Vidda - a telephone call maintained by the non-governmental organization Grupo Pela Vidda, in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of the service is to clarify doubts and guide the population to the risks of contamination and forms of AIDS prevention. According to Wilian Amaral, vice president of Grupo Pela Vidda, the number of calls for Dial Aids usually grow after the carnival. Thinking about it, the NGO partnered with the Rio de Janeiro subway and managed to put up posters at the stations with the service phone. DI: "There has been an increase ... DF: ... HIV transmission." The Aids Dialog for Vidda has existed since 1990 and serves, on average, 600 people per month. For those who live in Rio de Janeiro, it is available for free from 2518 2221, from 12 to 18h. Those who live in other states can send their questions by e-mail From Brasília, Daniela Brito

When PEP is recommended?

  • Receptive anal sex:PEP is recommended if you have had receptive anal sex (when you are passive) with someone who is known to be HIV positive or that looks can be "an African immigrant (Translator's note: it is impossible not to see the xenophobic line of this text ) or a gay man.
  • Insertive anal sex:PEP is recommended if you have had insertive anal sex (when you are the 'active') with someone who is known to be HIV positive, unless they have an undetectable viral load.
  • Vaginal sex:PEP is recommended if you have had vaginal sex with someone who is known to be HIV positive, unless they have an undetectable viral load.
  • Share injection equipment:PEP is recommended if you have shared equipment with someone who is known to be HIV positive, unless they have an undetectable viral load.

In other circumstances, including oral sex on a man who is known to be HIV positive, ejaculated in her mouth, PEP would be considered if there are other factors involved that could increase the risk of transmission. These factors include the presence of other sexually transmitted diseases and sexual abuse.

Talk to a health professional for more details. Or search for more guidelines on the site National STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis

Collateral effects

Treatment HIV Can causeeffects sidewhich tend to be worse when you take them for the first time, and if you are taking PEP may experience some unpleasant side effects such as feeling sick, vomiting, diarrhea have, fatigue, and generally feel unwell. Editor's note (this should be an important time for you to assess how much is valid intercourse without a condom, if you held by free will, likewise, should serve as a model for the formation of a new paradigm in the treatment that society gives people living with HIV or AIDS (one month just so you know "of what made the life of a person with AIDS" with all shades and hues such as we, HIV-positive people pass and you will see that, with the to-door become one of us, your vision will change radically)

If you have been exposed to a strain of HIV that isresistantefor some anti-HIV drugs, then it is possible that PEP does not.

If you're already HIV positive but do not know there is a chance to develop resistance to the drug when you take PEP if you do not take the dose correctly. This could limit your treatment options in the future and thus hold to the treatment that indicate you, donates to hurt, no matter what.

Other things to consider

PEP is not 100% effective, why would good sense not depend on access to PEP if you are having unprotected sex or using injecting drugs and sharing equipment. Condoms, when used properly, are an effective way to prevent the spread of HIV and most other sexually transmitted infections. PEP will not help you become infected indefinitely while you are having unprotected sex, so it is wise to use condoms living that period.

If you are a woman and are not using other forms of contraception, so if you had unprotected sex you may also want to consider emergency contraception. You can buy the pill emergency contraception in pharmacies, and is usually also available from GPs and sexual health clinics. However, it is important that the physician or pharmacist know if you are on HIV treatment, as some antiretroviral drugs can interfere with how the pill emergency contraception works, and you may need to have an increase in dose. As PEP, you need to take the pill within 72 hours after sex, and preferably much earlier, with up to 2 hours after exposure.

A very effective alternative emergency contraception method is to have an intra-uterine device (IUD) installed. Talk to your doctor about the best option for you.

Michael Carter, Greta Hughson

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Translator's note. This text is from 2012 and remains current. As much as possible I have adapted it to our reality and, remember, in Brazil, abortion is still not allowed and being pregnant and HIV positive is not a legalization factor of abortion and therefore, you will have to double the responsibility because you will be in your hands to prevent her child from being born HIV positive. Unfortunately I could not get the full revision of the text and I'm exhausted. If you have found any errors or inconsistencies in the text, please let me know about this in the following form, which you can also use as comment field. I want to add that in April of 2016, given the precariousness of the SUS in the State of Rio de Janeiro, I did something that I never imagined I could do: Based on descriptions of the person, whose eyes were like an egg yolk I advised the person to stop with PEP because it was the third day of PEP and she was already like that. I would not survive a month of three in one and I chose to run the risk of being hated for the rest of my life by a living person, than to carry the stigma of having, by default based on "ethical principles," led this person to death . I remember that in the past I lost a "girlfriend" who was a girl of programs for trying to dissuade her from living like that and that she finally broke with me. I sought support from a friend, Magda, and she told me: "Ethical principles? !!!! Fuck now with its ethical principles ". She was right, at that time, today, no longer. Times have changed; I carried the weight for a long time not knowing if he had taken, indeed, the right decision. Fortunately she received a nonreactive and soon will debut as writer on this site.

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