Drugs used in treatment of AIDS suffer increased 5.000%

US drug increases from $ to $ 13,50 750 the dose of Daraprim that combat opportunistic infectious diseases and is used to treat HIV

Here there the fascinora
Here there the fascinora

A US pharmaceutical company took the controversial decision to increase 5.000% in the price of Daraprim remedy that combat opportunistic infectious diseases, such as toxoplasmosis, and is used to treat people with HIV.

In August, shortly after buying the Impax Laboratories the rights of Daraprim, the Turing Pharmaceuticals increased from U $ S 13,50 to $ 750 the dose of the drug, whose production cost is only US $ 1.

With the price increase, the annual cost of treating patients with jump to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Brazil, the Daraprim is manufactured by Farmoquímica S / A and has an average price of $ 7.

According to Martin Shkreli of 32 years Risk former investor who is CEO of Turing, said the profit generated by the increase will be invested in new research against AIDS. "We need to make this profitable drug. Companies producing before we were about donating the drug, "Shkreli said in an interview with Bloomberg.

The measure gained worldwide recognition and spawned angry protests from infectious disease doctors. "What are they doing differently (in the production of medicine) to generate this dramatic increase?" He told New York Times Judith Aberg, head of the department of infectious diseases at the Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai in New York.

The price increase of Daraprim is not an isolated incident. While the world's attention is focused on the production of new drugs, drugs that are on the market for decades and are the basis for many strong treatments are suffering and unjustifiable price increases. The matter was the subject of a report in NYT in July this year, which cited a undersigned against rising drug prices used in cancer treatment.

According to the newspaper, these increases are often awarded to research (as in the case of Daraprim) or production costs. However, there are serious questions about the transparency of pharmaceutical.

Because of this, in May this year was submitted to the US Senate a bill which states that in case of significant increases in drug prices, pharmaceutical companies should inform the population, the government and the health plans the reason He justified the measure.

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