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HIV can become resistant to the drugs used to treat it. This is because HIV changes, or mutates, a little each time it reproduces itself. Some of these mutations are in the part of the virus that is targeted by anti-HIV drugs and may mean that this anti-HIV drug does not work well against some strains (types) of the virus.

How to reduce the risk of resistance

The most important thing you can do to reduce your risk of developing drug resistance is to take your HIV treatment seriously and take it correctly. Taking antiretroviral drugs properly is called Accession, And it has been shown that you need to take all or almost all of your antiretroviral doses correctly so that your treatment has the best best job opportunity. he told me that the goal is 95%, and when he realized that I started to do it, he explained: "You can miss one dose a month and look there!" So I say.

Good adherence includes taking all your doses at the right time, in the right amount and the right way (eg with or without food as directed). It is also important to make sure that you avoid taking your antiretroviral drugs with other medicines or drugs that may interfere with the way your body treats them. Seu infectologist or pharmacist will check this out since it is important that you tell them about anything you may be taking.

Low adherence may mean that there is not enough remedy in your body to fight HIV, and this may mean that strains of the virus that have resistance to anti-HIV drugs can reproduce and become the main HIV strain in your body.

How to get to viral load com undetectable levels means that you have a very low risk of developing resistance to anti-HIV drugs. For this reason, the goal of HIV treatment is an undetectable viral load. Undetectable viral load is generally defined as below 40 copies / ml. Until recently, this was the lowest detectable level of testing most commonly used in routine viral load monitoring. Now there are some ultra-sensitive tests that can measure below 20 copies / ml.

In addition, people whose viral load stays high or rebounds while taking anti-HIV drugs may still experience a lasting increase the count CD4 and the delay in disease progression, although the reason for this is not well understood. Although resistance is a reason for the return of viral load, it is not the only reason.

Resistance tests

It is necessary that you have A test to check the resistance to anti-HIV drugs before you start HIV treatment, or if your viral load increases and you need to change your Treatment.

About 10% of new cases of HIV infection, virus that is resistant to one or more anti-HIV agents. This may limit antiretroviral treatment in your options.

The results of these tests can help infectologist to choose the Antiretroviral Therapy scheme with the best chance of working against HIV in your case. If you read me now, thinking about whether or not you can be infected with HIV, you should be thinking, "What if I have an easier drug resistant strain (with fewer side effects) to take? What if my infection is a virus resistant to all medicines? "Is not it time to put a little more than yam inside this head and use condoms in all your sexual relations?

Resistance Crusade

If you develop resistance to an antiretroviral drug then there is a chance that you too have developed resistance to other drugs that you have not yet taken if they work against HIV in a similar way. This is called cross resistance.

Change treatment due to the resistance

If viral load has increased it is usually recommended that you Switch to a totally new combination of anti-HIV drugs. The results of your Resistance Test will help guide the choice you and your doctor.

New types of anti-HIV drugs have been developed called inhibitors of entry and inhibitors of integrase. They work in a different way than measures of other antiretroviral drugs and this means that they may be important and new treatment options for people who have taken a lot of anti-HIV drugs in the past.

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Posted: 13 MARCH OF 2012


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