The lives of people with HIV can be healthy

sad girl sitting on the sofa and thinking negative thoughtsSome time ago a college classmate approached me. She knows I'm HIV positive and asked for the address of my site via whats app and I gave.

Soon after she asked me if it was serious .... I controlled my nerves and I asked, what do you want to know if it's serious.

- "That's what is written here, that ... There is life with HIV

And I said yes, that there is life with HIV, but that is not only life there is. There is life with quality, since the person let diagnose prematurely (that's why I walk and Repiso this key: Get tested for HIV and take the weight of the doubt!

My friend told me a case-curdling blood in my veins and I thought, screwed!

And I marked of takes it to the House of AIDS, one of the best institutions in the Southern Hemisphere with regard to the care of people living with HIV or AIDS.

But disagreements led her to get tested elsewhere and, to our relief, everything is "good" with her.

This "Well," thus "in quotes" (forgive me Monica) is because they carry HIV does not mean being bad, the lives of people with HIV can be healthy and it varies from case to case, but the key is early diagnosis.

There are some tips that I can pass on to you live with HIV, and even contacting om HIV and not be ensnared by it.

First: Condom. Be sure to use a condom as good as it may seem to sex, since she, settles at best lasts two hours and sometimes 12 hours (there isotonic). But the sex ends and if you get HIV that single sex you abused luck and contracted HIV you will think:

"Holy shit, why I was doing this? "

Second: PEP. Post-exposure prophylaxis. Do not dwell on it, you can read this article and made clear about everything.

Third: PrEP: Pre Exposure Prophylaxis. It is another issue that need not dwell in this article and it hurts to you with this link over 20 articles on PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) and finally:

Self Love: I speak as chair of contracting HIV due to lack of self love, why not measure the consequences of what would be living with HIV or AIDS and today, I know that for almost twenty years.

If you do not love, not a trance or a joke, because sex is not toy and is indeed something that God has given us for our joy of life on the evolutionary path that for now estagiamos through which He, in his wisdom, It gave us the basis for the formation of society which is the family life!

And finishing, but the lives of HIV can be healthy and it varies from case to case, from time to time, and not every day I'm fine, because I am a human being like any other, and sometimes, I would like to be a wasp just to poke people.

Then do the test, be aware that is negative and live long enough to find the right person.

Anyway, that's it, and if you had sex with someone for more than seventy-two hours without a condom and now has no more sure of anything, read this article about window period, keep calm and not make this mistake

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