AIDS vaccine, HTI, of Spanish origin, have your human trials started in 2016

Yup! There is hope
Yup! There is hope

The AIDS Research Institute initiated the phase of preparations for the phase of clinical trials of a potential therapeutic vaccine against AIDS; these clinical tests of its therapeutic vaccine will be a group of volunteers that can range from one hundred fifty-two hundred people, all voluntary early as next year 2016, as disclosed by the Bank earlier this week.

The vaccine, developed by researchers at the IrsiCaixa, Barcelona, ​​proved to be efficient among animals and is the first developed based on immune response submitted by a small group of people able to control HIV without antiretroviral treatment known as controllers elite.

According to IRIS at the moment is producing the batch of vaccine that will be used as a test based on the volunteer group and also developed for approval by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products.

The researcher Beatrix Mothe explained that current antiretroviral therapy can stop the progression of HIV infection, but can not eliminate all viruses from the body. Therefore, the efficient solution has to go through this way to eliminate the virus completely from the body, including your reservation sites and "sanctuaries" as the brain, where most medicines is not able to achieve due to a biochemical barrier that the brain produces to protect agents that may be damaging, according Mothe, who added that the testing phase I and II will be launched thanks to the good results obtained with rats and monkeys.

"We studied in depth behaves in thousands of HIV infected persons and learn what the immune response necessary to control virus replication to antiretroviral treatment default. This answer is that we incorporate to our project HTI vaccine, "detailed Beatrix.

Doctors hope to start human trials over 2016. The first phase will last a year and will aim to leave in trial safety and the candidate's ability to be vaccinated to induce a strong and lasting immune response.

The second phase will have a duration of between one and one and a half and evaluate the effectiveness of vaccines to achieve a practical curing, which constitutes the vaccine ability to prevent the virus to act after removal of antiretroviral medication

Adapted from Original in Spanish Institute will test AIDS vaccine on people in 200 2016 EFE Da EFE Brazil

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