Marilia Gabriela interview Cazuza

Marilia Gabriela is, as female interviewer, as Jô Soares for interviewers Male.

Strong in your questions, courageous when the point is to expose yourself, she enjoys my respect and, I think, for many people, such as Silvia Almeida, who was interviewed for it some time ago.

In my wanderings and paranças I found on youtube, it is jewel of Brazilian journalism, so lacking lately, serious journalists. Many complained when they saw their shattered diplomas and regarded as unnecessary and I wonder if it was to do with a country like Brazil, something like them, with the honorable minority of course, you have done, that diploma?

To make heaps of garbage at the end of wrap accounts fish at the fair, or any collector of paper (professional recycling) Street, keystone in the green economy of a Dying Planet.

Stay with the interview. 48 lasts a minute but it's very good to see the strength of a man as Cazuza who fought as a Bravo and should have been buried under a cry of Bravíssimo!