Universal Church (sic) of the Kingdom of God condemned to indemnify in faithfully induced to abandon treatment of AIDS in R $ 300.000,00

Kick-in-santaIn 3 in September 2015, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (Iurd) was ordered to pay R $ 300 thousand of compensation for moral damages to a man with AIDS. The 9 Civil Chamber of the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul assessed as fundamental the influence of the church in the option of the then faithful to abandon medical treatment in the name of faith healing. It is not difficult to find church videos showing people who were supposedly healed (see the end of the news).

According to the case file, the man would still have been forced to have unprotected sex with his wife as proof of faith, eventually transmitting the virus to him, as well as handing over material goods to the church.

The rest of the matter is in CONJUR and I do not furtarei to read the news in its entirety, making the link below my personal thoughts on this conspiracy, say, church ...

Even though it was a product of the "globe of journalism," there was years ago, a rich demonstration of how these dogs are indoctrinated to steal, no other word, money and property from their victims, say, faithful.

However, they claim that it was fitting and continue to deceive people, desperate, give all you have in exchange for a miracle that, in the passage of Jesus Christ on Earth, was done free of charge, only with the warning:

"Now go and sin no more, lest thou be worse happen" ...

These worms, of course, do not believe in God. If they believe, they would not do these things because they would make sure that the punishment would come and when to come (and will) be, and will be, relentless.

Christ of strong expressions of kindness and gentleness, and yet the moneychangers from the temple suffered harsh reprisals from Even when he got there and saw that the house of His Father had been transformed into a sinkhole of public money that the self-righteousness prevailing cherished with hands, mouths and eyes full of warmth and Ghana.

These, today, do not differ from those in absolutely nothing and as far as I can see, are even worse because they use the obtained economic power illegitimate way to take TV channels bankrupt or not to enlist more victims and, therefore, more money for the insatiable lust of them.

Before I start swearing here, given the link to the matter and desire a good, satisfactory reading.

There you can also read the sentence, a magnificent piece of reading.

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