It is common to go to the gynecologist and get away with recommendation of a birth control pill - although there are many other ways to prevent pregnancy. In recent years, the pill is no longer seen only as a contraceptive method. He became the first choice of doctors to treat acne, bloating, PMS and other problems.

Only the professionals, most are forgetting important parts of the service: listening and conversation! Many professionals do not even ask whether the patient smokes, even though studies show that the combination pill and cigarette increase by eight times the risk of cardiovascular accident (CVA). This is not a joke. The blood of smokers become more prone to clot formation and nicotine stiffens the arteries supplying the brain. Therefore, women who smoke should not take pílula.E How many know that?

While gynecologists prescribe contraceptives to women who have never damage caused by the pill, neurologists deal with the consequences of careless prescription. Tragedies are left for them. One of our flowers started to make use of the contraceptive pill, prescribed by a gynecologist to treat cramps. Initially felt headaches. He began to carry paracetamol purse. In the following months, he sought other doctors. He heard that the pain was caused by sinusitis, allergic attack, migraine, anxiety ... but the problem was much more serious. There 60 days, she suffered a stroke that caused a stroke. It was saved by little. If the answer more delayed 15 minutes today could be in a coma or worse ...

Our flower does not smoke, is not diabetic, is not overweight. You have no other risk factor able to justify the harm suffered. The only explanation the doctors for what happened is the use of the pill. She will need to take an anticoagulant, anticonvulsant and antidepressant indefinitely.
Anvisa reports that doctors are not required to report such cases - and rarely do. Therefore, it is essential that victims or their families to notify authorities.

This is not to demonize the contraceptive pill or deny the benefits it brought to humanity. Unwanted pregnancies, especially among low-income youth, often have dire effects on the health and educational and professional history of women. The central point of this paper is another.

In most cases, the pill is safe. If it were not so, we all would know any woman who had a stroke after taking contraceptive. But using this type of contraception need to know that hormones increase the blood's ability to clot. The same can occur when a woman does hormone replacement in menopause. About the Pill or hormone replacement does is more likely to suffer a thrombosis (blood clots inside a blood vessel).
And the thrombosis may lead to stroke.

This all is just to textão revidicar information. Doctors have to speak clearly about the risks to the woman to decide. An example of what could be done? Women with thrombophilia, a genetic condition which favors the formation of thrombi and can not take the pill. The information is on the label of the products. There are few doctors who ask for the exam. the inclusion of a warning on the risk of thrombosis on packages of pills and mandatory reporting of serious cases by doctors is required. It would be a great achievement.
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We need to talk about contraception with the same seriousness with which we talk about antiretroviral!

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