Immune Restoration: What is restoration of the immune system?


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cjldo2013 10 10America / Sao_Paulo April 10America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 06: 07

He republished this in more medical terms.

Cláudio S. So 10 10America / Sao_Paulo April 10America / Sao_Paulo 2016 at 16: 20

I thank for the repletion, but it saddens me a lot to dedicate more than sixteen hours and work between research, reading, translation, review, payment of the photos and see that you use the expedient to display all the text in your blog. This text is a result of the hard work of two people (which includes the financial part as well, because we have no sponsorship and we feel disrespected in our work and our sacrifice. your site and indicate the source.Tvz be nice to name this as "ethical behavior".

Cláudio Souza / Mama Macedo (Sixteen years on this project)


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