Called the awareness of all of the article about the "Stamp Club" that Globo Network released

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claudius el guapissimo1Editor's Note: A person who I think has a great intellectual leather called to the attention to the lack of a story dealing with this subject, which is really critical for people living with HIV or AIDS, two interrelated things and yet different . If you want to know more about this my statement may click this point on and you will be taken with the page open in another tab to the right of you is, to an article that will make you understand this statement.

The fact is that I did not give the thing the proper importance and neglected it. As there is a lot of nonsense written on the internet and I could not find usable material that did not seem to me suspicious or inappropriate, went to a site in the summer of 2014, I helped build and made a small excerpt from the text, which will invite you to read something fairly consistent and reliable on the internet.

The person who made the remark asked to remain anonymous and I respect his position and thank somewhat contrite for his rather pertinent observation.

Claudio Souza

The National Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (RNP + Brazil) is a movement that brings together since 1995 HIV-positive people for HIV.

Through community groups, membership and mutual aid, RNP + Brazil aims to minimize the stigma, discrimination and prejudice suffered by people infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

RNP + Brazil does not speak on behalf of all people living with HIV in the country. However, in respect to the stories of overcoming a diagnosis that causes disillusionment, abandonment and isolation, and in respect to the society that pays the antiretroviral drugs distributed to all people with HIV by the Unified Health System, RNP + Brazil hereby give its opinion on the report displayed on Sunday, March 15 during the "Fantastic" program, Globo.

There 20 years, RNP + Brazil has been fighting for full citizenship and the quality of life of people with HIV. In this sense, the RNP + Brazil manifests itself contrary to the behavior and attitudes of people living with HIV - autointituladas "carimbadores" - for lack with respect to each other and to their own lives as they are exposed to other diseases such as syphilis and viral hepatitis.

These 20 years, RNP + Brazil has been defending life, not compactuando with crimes against individuals and against the Brazilian public health ... click here to view the full text


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