A requiem for the passing of Jucimara Moreira, Group activist For Vidda

Mujer en el mar front of la luna llena

I mentioned yesterday, or Saturday, I do not know, my perception of the passage of time seems distorted, dilated, exponenciada and, why not say ... sadly sore; the untimely death of Janis Joplin and all she could have produced had he not died prematurely because of an overdose. My, already very dear friend, Bob Volpe, mentioned that perhaps she had not produced the work that she produced, if he lived a "normal" life. I agreed with him and mentioned Jimmy Hendrix and Amy Winevine two others of "disorderly life" who left prematurely, interestingly, all of them, to 27 years. I did not know, but the activist For Vidda Group (I'm not sure about the spelling) Jucimara Moreira also gone, in my view also prematurely (39 years), this last Saturday, I believe that this time, Bob Volpe agree with me gender, number and degree of the premature exit of our lives in such an important person. I did not know personally Jucimara and unfortunately, I had the honor to participate in his circle of friends, and so all I know it is what I read in the last hours ... but who knows me knows that I "learn fast "and all I saw, read and heard give news of a Woman (thus entitled to capital letter) who fought for you and for all, never fading in the face of injustice and systemic abuses are often perpetrated against us, people living with HIV or AIDS.

Jucimara not dead! Not from my point of view! Which is different from many people; for me, it changed vibratory rate and will now go for a well-earned rest in one of the many homes that a modest carpenter's apprentice, famous for walking into "bad company", mentioned one day, for over two thousand years.

Let her rest, she deserves and deserve much we know.

After that it will again be among us, inspiring us to do what is right, warning us about the dangers of those who often try to deface our struggle with reputable evangelists motes in its essence, but that time already mummified (... ) ...

Anyway, I can say little beyond that because I did not have the happiness grateful to have been at least once close to her to listen to it and maybe make her laugh with my jokes that sometimes seem so dull ...

Those who were fortunate enough to be in your company, I wish strength to overcome the pain and live the necessary mourning that loss and the emotional damage such proportion they may have infringed.

And if someone wants to talk to me, a deleted member of this community of bright ones, I will be available for as long as necessary, in places where almost everyone knows find me.

When I started my work with my website, I found, I believe that one of the books of the life, a speech by Nelson Mandela (who needs no introduction), which I read and at one section of the text, I felt, perhaps pretentiously, he spoke me and me. With time I understood that he spoke to us, each of us, in our or in any other. I had no scanner and then transcribe that text, with great difficulty, because of my dyslexia. He was about to publish this requiem, when I remembered the speech and immediately I associated the Jucimara and paste it here for everyone to know what it was, what it is and, above all, it will always be, Light Lighthouse of the guide, in order that there naveguemos rocks toward the fog and storms sometimes conceal; and do not detain us on our march for longer than necessary to absorb this painful impact, so that we can continue to deserve such a clear statement that Mandela did, as a message for all of us, those who in one way or another, sometimes giving up our personal lives, we have chosen the world as "stage of our operations."

On numerous occasions they asked me which heads of state most impressed me. I have to be careful because the answer may create a diplomatic chaos many countries not listed may withdraw their ambassadors from South Africa; but often say that my heroes are not necessarily the men and women who have titles, but the humble men and women exist in all communities and who have chosen the world as the stage of their operations, they think the biggest challenges are the problems socio- economic defying the world, such as poverty, illiteracy, disease, homelessness, the inability to send their children to school. These are my heroes.
Any head of state who qualify will be my hero.

To those who wish to see the full speech, please click here.

Jucimara Moreira, rest in peace.

Twenty-five of May two thousand and sixteen

Claudio Souza

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