Found alternative routes in the search for anti-HIV antibodies

HIV, yellow, emerging from vélua T CD4 in Azau
HIV (yellow) infecting a human immune cell. Credit: Seth Pincus, Elizabeth Fischer and Austin Athman, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health,

The immune system appears to prevent an experimental vaccine from inducing antibodies that protect against HIV infection, but there may be ways to overcome this obstacle, according to research conducted by the Duke Institute of Human Vaccines.

Using rodents and monkey models, researchers demonstrated that they could identify obstacles to neutralizing antibodies Which are considered imperative for successful protection from infection.

Editor's Note: Antibodies broadly neutralizing antibody is one that maintains a cell of an antigen or infectious organism to inhibit or neutralize any biological effect. An example of a neutralizing antibody is diphtheria antitoxin, which can neutralize the biological effects of diphtheria toxin. This text uses the Wikipedia material, licensed under CC-BY-SA,

They are looking for "alternative pathways" for antibodies that address the ability to neutralize protective antibodies and to define pathways for potential strategies to circumvent Immune system Response of activating the desired protection from a potential vaccine.

"This is the first demonstration of the immune system's extraordinary ability to bypass this process of thwarting the development of broadly neutralizing antibodies in mice and monkeys, and it is very helpful for us to begin to predict how the human immune system will respond," said Barton F. Haynes, MD, Director of the Duke Institute of Human Vaccines.

Haynes is senior author of a study published in the April of 27, 2016, in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Even in "specially designed" recombinant mice (editor's quotes) to receive broadly neutralizing antibodies when vaccinated with the HIV vaccine, the experimental study of the immune system disrupts the process. Haynes said this reaction is a result of the virus's ability to simulate the host, causing the immune system to stop executing the command of an attack, and escalating into a process known as immune tolerance. When the experimental vaccine was introduced into mice, the antibody comminution process was reactivated but did not expand and developed as needed.

female macaque monkey portrait in Moscow zoo (selective focus)
Portrait of a Rhesus female in a zoo in Moscow

In monkeys, the experimental vaccine induced a new type of antibodies, and demonstrated an alternative route for antibody neutralization.

"What we hope is that the experimental vaccine, which was designed for the human immune system will accomplish something far superior in humans than in monkeys," said Haynes. "We are working on ways to circumvent the final hurdle than Neutralizing antibodies Widely.

We want to, but this is more than what we had done so far. "

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4 May 2016 by Sarah Avery

Translated by Claudio Souza, the original Researchers find alternative pathways to HIV antibodies. Reviewed by Mara Macedo

More information: R. Zhang et al. Initiation of immunologically tolerated HIV gp41 neutralizing B cell lines, Science Translational Medicine (2016). DOI: 10.1126 / scitranslmed.aaf0618

Reference Officer: Science Translational Medicine

Provided by: Duke University

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