The World Health Assembly adopts strategies to address the epidemics of AIDS, viral hepatitis and STIs

WHO assembly 06-2016The 194 Member States that participated in the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly, which governs the World Health Organization (WHO), in late May / 2016 unanimously approved the adoption of the global health sector strategies for management of HIV, viral hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs) by the year 2021.

By urging Associated Nations to approve the first viral hepatitis strategy, the World Hepatitis Alliance predicts that more than 7 million lives will be saved if governments take steps to eliminate viral hepatitis.

The strategy includes targets that aim to expand treatment for 80% of people living with hepatitis B or C virus and reduce the number of deaths in 65% by 2030. Recommended prevention measures include childhood vaccination against hepatitis B virus, testing of blood donations, and the safe and safe use of injection syringes.

The adoption of the Strategy against Viral Hepatitis , which signals the first step in eliminating this disease, which affects 400 millions of people around the world, "Raquel Peck, CEO of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), stated in a press release"

"If governments remain committed, we will see the elimination of one of the greatest global health threats from within our lives."

"Reducing mortality rates not only means a reduction in the personal cost of viral hepatitis but also means reducing the financial costs of health systems that would no longer have to deal with a significant number of people suffering from the results of the treatment of viral hepatitis, "he added. (Note from the Editor of Seropositive.Org: I ​​always read this statement when a "new resolution to combat some disease appears and, frankly, I'm not sure, and it would be important that one day we would know if the" mobile that carries these resolutions " are more interested in saving Human Lives or saving "Some Money" ... I can never reach a conclusion.And you, who read me: What do you think?

But there is still much to be done, given that only 36 countries had national plans to combat established viral hepatitis and other 33 (the Christ Age) had plans to develop these strategies to begin from February of 2016, according to WHA.

Three strategies projects that are available online:


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"This is an important milestone as three strategies are fully aligned to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include targets to end the HIV epidemic as a threat to public health in 2030 and to the struggle against viral hepatitis and other communicable diseases ", according to the News from the International AIDS Society Blog.

While Member States have adopted three distinct strategies, which aim to facilitate greater integration between these health areas, which share the same transmission routes, many people are even more than two of them co-infected.

"The links between HIV and STDs have long been recognized on these joints, especially for men and boys, and provide a platform to engage men as recipients of sexual health services," according to IAS. People-centered approach to all three diseases will ensure greater acceptance and accessibility, and it is imperative that the approach that ensures permanent and ongoing maintenance to promote and encourage health-seeking behaviors in general and in the field of sexually transmitted diseases, which generate shyness regarding the search for treatment. "

As focus areas, strategies emphasize strengthening local health systems and labor force health care, integrating delivery services, combating stigma and discrimination, controlling the prices of medications (especially for hepatitis C) , and greater involvement of the most affected populations, including men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, transsexuals, and sex workers.

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Translated Claudio Souza Original in World Health Assembly Adopts Strategies for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and STIs

reviewed by Mara Macedo


Editor's Note: I talk to people through the Whats App of all States and, in the Southeast Region, the State of Rio de Janeiro is champion (an honorable mention) in complaints regarding dehumanization of patient care (even in "CTAs ", Where, it is assumed (at least I suppose) that the workers of these places (I am not going to nominate them health professionals while I am receiving complaints, especially those of _acolhimento_ _frio_ e or _desumano_) should receive treatment to provide shelter, pacification and reassurance, and I have seen all kinds of complaints, such as doctors (sic) who do not know what PEP is (!!!), indifferent attendants and no empathic capacity to receive people naturally fragile by fear, sometimes truly terrified when these people (human beings who can not receive, in any hypothesis cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment), They feel when they realize they can (and sometimes not even there the risk, but Desgovernos and "Press" do nothing, with the honorable exception of MTV, to enlighten people regarding AIDS, HIV Infection, Viral Hepatitis but promote an "OBA-OBA" -which has nothing to do with the Sargentelli- where there is real incentive to early sex (I'm not a moralist, far from it) without responsibility, care or precautions. there is a lot left to "watch the Open TV ( SIC) "because it does not offer anything that educates or manages people with notions of citizenship and self-esteem -perhaps only one inference, the plan is exactly this and I suggest, as a spark to begin fire, review and revise concessions and, in some cases, extinguish LAS- which has led girls 12 years to become "mothers" etc. Same goes, deplorable way in the North and Northeast regions.

The Editor Again: I've known for some time that an overwhelming number of DJs I've been DJ have died, a victim of AIDS and its complications, or live like me, who basically administer oxygen in a sunken submarine ... . (I.e.

Translated By Claudio Souza in Original World Health Assembly Adopts Strategies for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and STIs

reviewed by Mara Macedo



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