My mother has HIV, if I touch it, it gives me the disease? AIDS Contact For Social?

This question was asked on Yahoo Answers, this link: . You need to have a Yahoo account to read the question. From time to time I go there to see what happens ... This time I was happier and, for this question did not appear anyone to say bullshit.

But an old friend told me when the occasion of a girl with AIDS was put in jail to be "isolated" from other residents (the state was the Amazon, but I do not remember the most the city) and is friend quoted Gonzaguinha " this here, yo-yo, is a bit of Brazil Yaya ... "the same applies to this question (doubt, fear maybe hate) and I do not give me the right to steal me to touch the wound.

The fact is that in 2010 3o% of the working age population (SIC) would refuse to work alongside a person with HIV.

What happened to me was even prior to this research and I felt, skin, and blood this type of discrimination:

red-symbols-3-1237179I was an active member of UOL chat room aimed at people living with HIV (I searched the room just now even there and found and it seems useless to fight an activist who fought hard to have this room where, for example, I found the woman I love, known as Hercules) and we marked our party! Yes, parties, bars, nightclubs where we went, sometimes, to a group of more than thirty people. It was at this party that I made friends with a person who is also, or was, HIV positive and who worked in my area, computer hardware. With the difference that he sold and I repaired, he mounted (I'm here that he calls "integrator" or was, since I can not screw a screw anymore) and this person told me that where he worked everyone "accepted it normally and that he did not feel discriminated against. "

I do not say that this was a lie because I was not up there to check, but I left my phone with him and, days later he gave me a number of a place, the same network (do not know why, but this reminds me of "Dogs of War of pink Floyd, where they, the Dogs of War, saying that "even our masters do not know the web we weave" (not even our teachers know the web we weave) and informed me that they needed an employee to sales . and even without my consent, I informed my HIV status I called the store and I was called to a meeting that lasted less than five minutes, in which he said "he could not foist me to his sales team" (foist: 1 give with força.2 coerce listen, buy or accept (something molesta)) Check the source, open in another tab). Top of Form E that he would mark for Friday a meeting with officials. If they would accept me, I would have my place and, indeed, I had the vacancy guaranteed.

But it is not difficult to show how I was accepted: the store was in the Homeland Volunteers and had the right of those who entered the five tables view, where two were unoccupied and a mezzanine, which was where the head (...) I watched their staff and I have been "installed there, on the mezzanine, isolated from all employees, at lunch, except the operator, not exchanged a word with me and even looked me in the face.

It was a Monday night and that day I had a polysomnography to be done and went to sleep institute where employee, I had a pleasant evening, where I ended up having an erotic dream with the nurse .... Well, I had a rude awakening the 5: 30 morning and nurses, including one with whom I had the dream came disconnect me from five hundred thousand wires and yet I, who had me sitting, got back to sleep and I woke up, no other dream, Around six fifteen in the morning. I took my breakfast and went to work. I went down in Carandiru Station and headed for work, where I found my "boss" (the best boss I had, register, was Paulo Domingos de Oliveira, a man with "a thousand connections" who called me on a Saturday, made a call in my presence, the content of which is apocryphal, and told me:

"- That's what you're getting into. If you want to leave, leave now or never leaves more. "

I chose to leave and he was a righteous man, gave me a sum of money for me to start my life as whatever I wanted, and I went back to DJ at Wagon Plaza, a sort of "house of tolerance" that existed, or there, I never went back there, I do not know ... Returning to the "boss, I found the shop door, still closed, where he stopped me and said after I finished the shift, he would have been surrounded by staff that said, textual words, they were not required to work with this "kind of person"And that he had to choose between them or me.

He apologized saying that "could not lose his sales team and was laying off me."

And so I did not feel injured, gave me a note of R $ 50,00. The mint and the presidency, with this "reckless" president who excuse me, but I tear the note in their faces in 4 parts and just did not give a punch in his face because he did not have a fully functional arms and I would not be coward hit a assim_ _homem. I returned home glaring and as there was a resident of the building that once was winding me with a payment she owed me for months I went straight to her apartment and I charged with a fury that fortunately today I can not feel, thankfully and I charged in loud and clear that she, poor thing, I was and when she told me it was no use I make a scene to which I retorted that I was not even making scandal, and I wanted the money that day, or God protect me.

I think she borrowed money from the cleaning lady, because she was the one to bring me the money. The prejudice against HIV-infected people, and I'm not very fond of myself ... is the worst type, the same type that exists against, for example, black people who, as a rule, "have even a white friend" ...

The prejudice does exist, as in the case of the young man who is afraid to touch his mother, or as that demonstrated by the sister of a friend, which she, HIV positive, told the sister that was missed physical contact and sister let out, at close range the following quotes: "well, you were apportion" ... (she just received the diagnosis, and soon she will see it is not so, that a HIV positive person is, yes worthy of respect, love, affection and sexual pleasure, although I understand and remember very well having spent just over a year without a single physical touch, not even a handshake, and especially a hug. It takes the media, who built this stigma of gay plague, make a long editorial on Sunday, acknowledging their mistakes, undoing its mystification, and that every damn priest, and every damn pastor, make a me30culpa, Admitting that they were wrong and that I should not unfair, I quote MTV with honors with regard to educational and enlightening campaigns, and who does not like j08OrNaL nAcIoNl DO, does that give one minute of time to news, sometimes I had published months before.

We need it to end, and that end today!

Claudio Souza.

Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED

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