Search for "symptoms" is a poor way for early detection of HIV infection

Graphic representation of HIVBecause people infected with HIV often have few symptoms and seroconversion signs of disease, with such labels often unspecific, is a bad way for early detection of HIV infection in clinics, reported today, MedPage.

An individual is acutely infected with HIV when he or she respond "positive" (reagent) for the HIV RNA or p24 antigen (each of which show the presence of HIV in the body before antibodies to the virus have been generated), but with negative (non-reactive) to antibodies.

A total of 261 members test positive cohort for HIV RNA, and 112 or 3,4 percent of the cohort had their HIV status confirmed. Of this group, 50 people has two or more blood samples which tested positive for HIV RNA before submitting reagents for antibodies as well. The study analysis focused on this group.

The average peak viral load among groups was 5 million 13 occurring days after the first positive test for HIV RNA. After the first result Reagent for RNA, an average of 14 days passed before individuals present reagents results for specific antibodies against HIV. After reaching a peak viral load fell to a low of 20.000, which is a result of viral counts "basic" of 25.000.

Most commonly, physical symptoms of the acute phase of HIV, also known as seroconversion illness, took place around the peak viral load time. The most frequently reported symptoms were fever, headache and malaise. The most common signs that doctors observed were high heart rate and lymphadenopathy. Participants reported an average of a symptom of acute infection in an average of two visits during the study. Doctors observed an acute sign of infection in an average of three visits.

The researchers concluded: "non-specific symptoms and signs [acute HIV infection] were more common, severe manifestations were observed, volunteers reported symptoms in only 29 percent of visits and on any day of visiting the probability of observing a symptom or sign was only 50%. "

Translated by Claudio Souza's originalAcute HIV 'Difficult' to Detect in Clinic.

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