Symptoms of HIV infection are similar to those of a virus like the flu!

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Symptoms of HIV Infection Those of Any Virose and Even A doctor needs to prescribe an examination after the immunological window to confirm this diagnosis.

With regard to symptoms of HIV infection I have heard the narrative from a friend who does a job just like mine.

But in another country and I'm talking about an individual, he tried to tell a story that was based on insanity!

As he described: A "sequence of breathtaking events!"

And it made me angry. That's why I present it here.


- "... based on this leukocyte count, the doctor said, this person needs to be hospitalized, because this can be a picture of AIDS ...! "So said the doctor at that hospital in Belgium.

His partner maintained unprotected extra-marital relationships and the first thing he felt was a mixture of fear, remorse, and despair.

"I did this to the person I love"! ... And to this person Dante's Inferno established himself

The first person was tested against HIV and gave non-reagent. And another CBC showed a "normal" leukocyte count

Because people infected with HIV often have some symptoms and signs of seroconversion disease, with such often non-specific markers, it is a bad way to detect HIV infection early in clinics, MedPage reported today.

An individual is acutely infected with HIV when he or she responds "positive" (reagent) to HIV RNA or p24 antigen (each of which shows the presence of HIV in the body before antibodies to the virus have been generated), but with negative (non-reagent) results for antibodies.

A total of 261 cohort members tested positive for HIV RNA, and 112 or 3,4 percent of the cohort had their HIV status confirmed. Of that group, 50 people gave two or more blood samples that tested positive for HIV RNA before presenting antibody reagent results as well. The analysis of the study focused on this group.

The mean peak viral load between the groups was 5 million, occurring 13 days after the first positive HIV RNA test. After the first RNA Reagent result, an average of 14 days passed before individuals presented reagent results for specific antibodies against HIV. After reaching a viral load peak it fell to a low of 20.000, which is a result of 25.000's "basic" viral count.

Most commonly, physical symptoms of the acute phase of HIV, also known as seroconversion disease, took place around the time of peak viral load. The most frequently reported symptoms were fevers, headache and malaise. The most frequent signs that doctors observed were high heart rate and lymphadenopathy. Participants reported a mean of a symptom of acute infection on an average of two visits during the study. Doctors observed a sign of acute infection on an average of three visits.

The researchers concluded: "Nonspecific symptoms and signs [acute HIV infection] were more common, severe manifestations were not observed, voluntary reported symptoms in only 29 percent of visits and on any day of visit the likelihood of observing a symptom or signal was of only 50%. "

Translated by Claudio Souza's original Acute HIV 'Difficult' to Detect in Clinic.

reviewed by Mara Macedo

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