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Immune Window, Autoimmune Diseases and False Positives

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An alert with respect to an autoimmune disease and other conditions that may lead to a false positive


ANTIBODYI talked to two doctors at the AIDS House where I received treatment and they were adamant that there was no prolongation immunological window on account of autoimmune diseases.

I'm putting this text before the comments to let people on alert to meet claims, even mine, on this point.


I'll correct this error in all comments putting this same statement.

However, my hands no longer respond well to nerve impulses and I have suffered ate limitations of communication because I can only type with the index fingers of both hands making use of the arms to move the fingers on the keys.

neuron - peripheral neuropathy and autoimmune diseases

This makes the tiring and painful typing and even I have a limit, though mentally expanded to endure the pain and need some encouragement and rest before starting it. People I took suffering chancelando this information I beg forgiveness. It was rather a mistake. But it was committed by an act of good faith.

Let me explain further, I found the source of the error and it may have been placed here by qq person and I will not make a witch hunt.


In the health ministry's website there is this text

It is further performed to diagnose the disease. In it, laboratory professionals look for antibodies to HIV in the patient's blood. If a sample does not contain any antibody, the negative result is provided to the patient. If any anti-HIV antibody in the blood is detected, performing other additional test, the confirmatory test is required. They are used as confirmatory tests,Western Blot, Indirect immunofluorescence test for HIV-1 and immunoblot. This is because sometimes the tests can give false-positive results as a result of certain diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease and some cancers.

Factors that cause false-positive results

Some of exams existing in Brazil to diagnose HIV infection seek anti-HIV antibodies in blood samples. Despite their effectiveness, they may present false positives in some cases. Therefore, it is important for the patient to undergo new test.
laboratory experts have identified some factors that interfere with test results. Are they:

  • Vaccine against influenza A H1N1;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Autoimmune diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, connective tissue disease and scleroderma);
  • Primary sclerosing cholangitis;
  • Interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients;
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome;
  • antimicrosomal antibody;
  • Antibodies HLA (class I and II);
  • acute viral infection;
  • passive acquisition of anti-HIV antibodies (from mother to child);
  • malignant tumors;
  • Other retroviruses;
  • Multiple blood transfusions;
  • Smooth muscle antibody.

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    I had sex with a girl with a condom program and everything, but after removing the condom I put my hand on my penis, I think I was wet with vaginal liquid, is there any risk of contamination?

    I took the flu vaccine today, after how long can I do the exams to get a result right?

    Thank you.

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