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Access to the facial reconstruction in Spain

The association of HIV movement played a key role in convincing the authorities of the need for public health systems to provide reconstruction treatments to treat facial lipoatrophy.

Basque Country, Valencia, Catalonia and Andalusia were pioneering Autonomous Communities, as well as centers of the Balearic Islands, Castile and Leon, Extremadura, Madrid and Navarra (with different results).

In August 2008 in Mexico and during the XVII International AIDS Conference, the then Minister of Health, Bernat Soria, announced the government's decision to guarantee access to all persons who needed this treatment in Spain.

In September of the same year, the Plenum of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (NHS), was debated its inclusion as a social benefit in the provision of NHS services being proposed conducting atutored use; because, according to such debates, the scientific evidence available so far on the safety and efficacy of these surgical treatments were not conclusive, especially in the medium and long term.

The tutored use is a preliminary assessment procedure contemplated in Law 16 / 2003. It is an authorized and financed use, which in this case would have a duration of three years. After this period, if the experience has been positive, this social benefit would be incorporated into the provision of services.

When we were preparing this guide, we waited for the approval of the Royal Decree that will regulate this use. The Autonomous Communities that do not have associated centers for tutored use would have to cover the movement of patients to another Autonomous Community.

Download the PDF here withMap of access Facial reconstruction in Spain.


List of entities in Spain

The following information was compiled during 2009, mainly thanks to the collaboration of different local associations and State Coordinator of HIV / AIDS (CESIDA). At the time of its publication, they were not yet known all the centers associated to the protected use.

For updated information, go to the associations cited below or call the phone consultations on GTT treatments (934 582 641, Mondays and Wednesdays from 11: 00 the 18: 00).

Was implemented on the initiative of the Autonomous Community and is held at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío (Seville), and with difficulties in Pascual Hospital (Malaga). It was being used Bioalcamid®, A substance that usually cause complications and already in disuse.

For updated information, please contact adhara in Seville (phone: 954 981 603, e-mail: or Asociación Ciudadana Antisida Malaga (ASIMA) [phone: 952 601 780, e-mail:].

Not available access, but in Aragon Cortes is being tramitada a bill. Probably tutored use will be made available. The reference hospital would be the Miguel Servet (Zaragoza).

For more information, contact OMSIDA in Zaragoza (phone: 976 201 642, e-mail:

Not available access ,.

For more information, contact the Citizens anti-AIDS Asturias Committee (e-mail:

It was established at the initiative of the Autonomous Community. It is available at the Hospital Son Dureta (Palma de Mallorca). The technique is to Coleman (own fat) and also use Aquamid®.

For more information, contact the following organizations in Mallorca: ALAS (phone: 971 714 488, e-mail: Siloam (phone: 971 14 42 66, e-mail: asociacion_siloe @

Canary Islands:
Not available access and will not adhere to the protected use promoted by MSPS. Patients will be sent to the Peninsula reference centers. Autonomic government will pay the transport costs.

For more information, contact UNAPRO in Tenerife (phone: 922 632 971, e-mail: INFOSIDA in La Palma (tel: 922 402 538, e-mail: ), Friends against AIDS in Gran Canaria (phone: 928 149 969, e-mail:, Faro Positive in Lanzarote (tel: 928 801 793, e-mail:

Not available access.

For updated information, please contact the Cantabrian Citizen Association Anti-AIDS (ACCAS) [phone: 942 313 232, e-mail:].

Castilla-La Mancha:
Not available access. Adhere to the protected use.

More information: BASIDA (phone: 91 892 35 37, e-mail: Castile-La Mancha Triangle Foundation (phone: 925 282 492, e-mail:

Castile and Leon:
The service began to be offered at the initiative of the Autonomous Community in the Hospital Complex of Salamanca. The materials used are Sculptra®and Radiesse®.

More information: Anti-AIDS Committee of Salamanca (telephone: 923 219 279, e-mail:

It was implemented on the initiative of the Autonomous Community. Held in the Hospital Clínic (Barcelona) and the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol (Badalona, ​​Barcelona). The technique used is the Coleman (very fat), Aquamid®, Sculptra®and Radiesse®.

For more information, contact Grupo de Trabajo del Tratamientos About HIV (TWG-HIV), Barcelona [phone: 934 582 641, e-mail:

Not available access.

More information: Ceutense Association Anti-AIDS and Social Exclusion "El Rumor" (telephone: 608 331 707, e-mail:

Valencian Community:
It was implemented on the initiative of the Autonomous Community. The reference centers are Clinical hospitals, La Fe and General (Valencia), the Hospital de la Ribera (Alzira, Valencia) and the General Hospital (Alicante). Adhere to the protected use, and possibly these five centers are reduced to two. It has now been used Aquamid®Coleman technique and hyaluronic acid.

More information: Coordination of Fight Against AIDS Associations of the Valencian Community (CALCSICOVA) [phone: 963 731 002, e-mail:

It was established at the initiative of the Autonomous Community and is held in the Hospital Complex of San Pedro de Alcántara (Cáceres). It is being used Aquamid®.

For more information, call the Anti-AIDS Committee of Extremadura (telephone: 927227613, e-mail:

Adhere to the protected use. The reference centers are the University Hospital Complex of A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña), to which could be added also that of Vigo (Pontevedra).

More information: LAZOS Pro-Solidarity Committee Anti-AIDS Ferrol (phone: 981350777, e-mail:

La Rioja:
Not available access. Adhere to the protected use.

For current information, contact the Citizens Committee Anti-AIDS Logroño (phone: 941 25 55 50, e-mail:

It is performed intermittently in hospitals La Paz and Gregorio Marañón. User complaints were received for not being met adequately.

For more information:
Positive support (phone: 913 581 444, e-mail:


Not available access.


There is a waiting list.
It is expected to start soon at the Hospital of Santa Maria de Rosell (Cartagena).
For updated information, please contact: Citizen Committee Anti-AIDS Region of Murcia (CASMU) [Murcia Phone: 968 298 831 / phone Cartagena: 968 521841; e-mail:].


It was started on the initiative of the Autonomous Community in the Hospital Virgen del Camino (Pamplona), which adhere to the protected use as a reference center. Currently own fat and hyaluronic acid is used.

For updated information, please contact the SARE Association (phone: 948 384 149, e-mail:


Basque country:
It was established at the initiative of the Autonomous Community. Available in Cruces hospitals (Barakaldo, Viscaia), Basurto (Bilbao, Vizcaya) and Donostia (San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa). The filling material used is Aquamid®.

For more information, please contact in Bilbao with T4 Association (phone: 944 222 467, e-mail: Itxarobide (phone: 944 449 250, e-mail: the Anti-AIDS Bizkaia (telephone: 944 160 055, e-mail:


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