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AIDS 2016: dolutegravir More Lamivudine work well as treatment 1ª line HIV

Claudio Souza
Regimen of two dolutegravir drugs and the well tolerated Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Nucleoside Analogue, lamivudine led to sustained viral suppression for most people in the first antiretroviral therapy (ART) intervention in
2º half of 2016

Reduce the number of visits to the clinic can improve retention of patients for clinical care to HIV infection

Claudio Souza
Interventions that reduce the need for people to visit medical clinics too often are proving highly successful at retaining people in care

"Treatment as Prevention (TASP)": Large study fails to show a positive impact on reducing new HIV infections

Claudio Souza
The first large "test and treat" research study as a public health intervention to report its final results found that the strategy failed to reduce new HIV infections in the communities where it was provided. Speaking to 21st International AIDS

HIV + people are more vulnerable to STDs?

Claudio Souza
Are HIV-Positive People More Vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Diseases? There are several scientific papers demonstrating that patients with genital ulcers, gonococcal urethritis, chlamydia urethritis,

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